In Praise of Facts, by Robert Gore

Posted by straightlinelogic 1 year ago to Philosophy
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Thus, this anti-epistemology that has permeated the academy is not a laughing matter. It cripples young minds just as they should be launching their first independent forays into reality. Unfortunately, it can not and has not stayed confined to the academy. In the empirical loop, facts are primary; in the anti-empirical loop, perceptions and beliefs reign supreme. The unremarkable observation that beliefs can create facts—people believe Brand A soap cleans better, so they buy more of it than other soaps—has mutated into the mindset that facts either don’t exist or are irrelevant, only perception and belief matter. That precept is inherently collectivist, because the perceptions and beliefs that matter are those of groups. Patron saint of this movement is Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays (1891-1995), who has been called the father of public relations.

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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago
    Excellent! Undoubtedly you and Tyler Durden are agents of Russia for publishing the additional facts that NBC purposely omitted in their neocon biased propaganda. (The part about you being Russian agents is sarcasm in case neocon savages don't understand;^)

    Thanks for bringing this report to light here in the Gulch, Robert. Neither side of this discussion is without fault and both have an interest in their own propaganda being spread to infect the minds of listeners. I am glad to hear both views and judge for myself.

    Thanks also for pointing out the historical connection of Edward Bernays. It is a vitally important connection for the understanding of how all regimes manipulate the minds of people. For more on the topic, readers should see the BBC 4-part special, The Century of the Self.

    imo, one thing missing in your discussion of the "financial crisis" of 2008-2017 is the evidence that the banking cartel and governments are not merely ignorant or merely covering their asses for that ignorance. It's clear to any rational observer that they are "sophisticated" participants in this area (to use a term that they apply to some of their customers that they looted in the crisis.) The banking cartel understands completely that the entire financial system they began in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act, is completely based upon their manipulation of bank credit (loans made by banks using fiat created from nothing) to expand and contract the money supply. The banking cartel has been using this tool to enrich themselves, to manipulate the economy, and to create favored companies and destroy smaller, often more productive competitors for 104 years. They know that the entire system is based upon manipulation of credit, and the cartel wields this weapon every minute of every day. It is the keystone of the financial system and the cartel guards this power with a murderous vengeance. The "crisis" was created by the banking cartel with full knowledge and certainty of the result.
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    • Posted by 1 year ago
      Thank you. Your hypothesis is certainly either a valid adjunct or superseding one to mine. I was trying to keep mine simple, but I, and Zero Hedge, certainly have no problem accepting yours. By the way, I am giving a presentation at a ZH conference this week in Marfa, Texas: "Breaking the alternative media's dependence on the mainstream media." I'll probably publish my speech when I get back, in parts because it's about 45 minutes long.
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  • Posted by jimjamesjames 1 year ago
    When someone asks me "What do you think?" I respond, "Well,, I'll tell you......" .. and then tell them. When someone asks me, "What do you believe?" I respond, "I don't; I think." I point out that a "belief, by definition, is neither fact nor truth and plays no part in the conclusions I draw.
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  • Posted by Zenphamy 1 year ago
    Excellent as always, Robert. I just can't help but think we're all missing something as we realize the gains of the reality shapers, and try to trace back to the beginnings of those gains. Bernays simply recognized and formalized methods of manipulating base human traits that have been common throughout all of human history, as did Marx and many others before and after him--envy, resentment, 'apparent' authority acceptance, pain avoidance, and immediate gratification. As long as Bernays work was just applied to marketing, it's effect was seen as socially and politically innocuous (to be countered by 'buyer beware" warnings), even somewhat useful. But it's applicability to other human interaction was soon recognized and adopted early on by financial and political manipulators, to the strong degradation of the financially and economically naive majority of the populace. Continuing on through today with nearly universal acceptance of debt as a way of life and success measured by credit ratings and equity of access to the things of life.

    However, what many miss is that during the late 60's and 70's, the Marxist Socialists recognized that the class boundaries of their hopes and works were going to cause failure of their drive. Along came a French intellectual, Jaques Derrida, and his work and influence on the social, intellectual, and political applications of post-modernity/modernism and deconstruction, which opened up new thought for Marxism--establishment in institutional education, institutional gov't, and the gains available with identity politics--neo-Marxism. Combined with the effects of Bernays teachings and the manipulated debt basis of finances and economical markets, we're now faced with the inevitability of a perfect storm from at least three separate directions--social/political deconstruction, political/financial control, and financial greed--three separate motivations from three separate movers all arriving at a common temporal location. The result-- chaos and the end of order on any level other than individual.

    I understand that there's a great deal more to this thought train than offered here, it's an area I've been exploring for awhile and intend to explore a great deal more. But it is obvious, to me at least, that the inability and outright refusal by the vast majority of our current and past population to think for themselves in the actual, factual reality of life and refusal to teach themselves to reason past their emotional responses and immediate desires (particularly those created in them through the manipulations of others) leaves the rest of us with no choices other than trying our best to survive in the morass created for us

    Jaques Derrida "On multiple occasions, Derrida referred to himself as a historian.[48][49] Derrida questioned assumptions of the Western philosophical tradition and also more broadly Western culture.[50] By questioning the dominant discourses, and trying to modify them, he attempted to democratize the university scene and to politicize it.[51] Derrida called his challenge to the assumptions of Western culture "deconstruction".[50] On some occasions, Derrida referred to deconstruction as a radicalization of a certain spirit of Marxism" (Wikipedia, also see Post-modernism)
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  • Posted by chad 1 year ago
    Unfortunately the society is coasting on the production and profits of those who came before. This can be done for some time until the producers cannot keep up with the demand of the looters. Until then perception keeps the herd moving in the direction the leaders desire. When they arrive at the promised land to find the promises were lies and reality bites they will die by the millions while still proclaiming that perception trumps reality, we just need a stronger dictator to ensure the results!
    Great article Robert. As usual I scurry to find the correct meaning terms used and discover an interesting poem and poignant reality of what happens after the fall of the great empire. No one remembers what happened or why and people are poorer for not learning to live with and identify reality.
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  • Posted by EdGoldstein 1 year ago
    The fact today is that facts do not matter. All that matters is the ability of the story teller to make you believe. The problem is this narrative writing has been going on for generations until today all that remains alive are people who have never been exposed to facts or a way to analyze those facts. This is especially true of those we call "the elite" like those coming out of Harvard.
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  • Posted by Owlsrayne 1 year ago
    No wonder Megyn Kelly lost her job at Fox, Putin turned everything back to Megyn. Then she tries to twist the interview to again to Russian meddling and she failed. As far as I'm concerned she is a failed journalist trying to save face. I admire Putin as a wily smart politician who is not fooled by a pretty talking head. I'm upset with both Republicans and Dimo's trying to destroy any dialog with Putin. The Cold War is over! Get on with a dialog lets start talking instead of fighting. Maybe we should invite Putin to the US to address Congress. Wouldn't that be a hoot!
    By the way Robert, excellent essay.
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