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Posted by deBohun 10 years ago to Politics
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It is nice to see the progressive-Left media finally jumping onto the bandwagon regarding coverage of the NSA's copyright harassment. The Liberty Movement media, typified by Ben Swann, has been providing coverage on the NSA's abuse of copyright privilege for a week already. ( ) It is a real pleasure to see who is leading and who is following at this point. Kudos to Mr. Swann, Glenn Greenwald, Ed Snowden, Sen. Rand* and all the others who are out there on the front lines.

🍸Here is a toast to their hard work and to 'liberty in our time.'

[* Most recently, Senator Rand anticipated the current 90%+ opposition of Americans to further involvement in the Middle East by over a month.]

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  • Posted by $ winterwind 10 years ago
    cast your minds back into the mists of time, to Fibber McGee and Molly. Do you remember the little girl who kept asking the inconvenient questions? I don't remember her, I listen to Radio Spirits, but here's her voice:

    Hey, mister, do ya think I might get in trouble if I wore one-a them there shirts? huh, do ya?

    <my voice>
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