By definition, are we living in times of chaos?

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Obama Ordered Intel Community To Find Ways To ‘Exchange Information’ With Cuba

Is this the left calling the kettle black? Oh, that's right, they are communist just like castro...sure, russia is not exactly an Allie, but is this the same thing as warning russia that isis will be using laptop bombs on the airlines?

Listening to an alternative media show this morn. The discussion turned to the meaning to "Chaos". Chaos is marked by inconsistencies in application of laws, principles, concepts and even the meaning of the words used, Nothing can be depended upon, not even the weather.

Virtually everything the left admonishes trumpet for are things their once supreme leader and they themselves have done already and every day a new group of people, a thought or fact of evidence are/is divided from the whole, made into criminals, outcasts or another conspiracy to be denounced.

Just look at everything we've posted and discussed here at the Gulch...are we not living in times of Chaos?

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