This Mom Refuses To Teach Her Kid To Share

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year ago to Philosophy
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Her explanation for why has gone viral and made me wonder if she is familiar with Ayn Rand.
No, I'm not a fan of Reader's Digest but this outstanding article landed in my email.
While you read the article about the not sharing event in a park, click onto the photo of the boy and girl looking at a toy in front of a sliding board.
That will take you to a separate article entitled "My Child Is Not Required To Share With Yours."
Here it is revealed that the six kids she told her son he did not have to share with ran to tattle to their parents. The parents gave "the just say no" mom dirty looks.
Just goes to show that a mom already has to have a spine to teach her child how to grow one.
Which category should I put this in? Maybe it belongs in Philosophy.
I'm thinking of how highly Hank Rearden valued the concept of~"It's mine."
What do you think?

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