Way Underreported: How Building A Border Wall Changed San Diego

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Way big time for the better! Crime plunged.
Many Mexicans legally enter, shop in San Diego and go back home. Facilities such as camp grounds has even been provided for them.
"Good fences make good neighbors," one San Diego resident said in the link.
The category I picked is "News" just to say we need a "Real News" category as well.
Or perhaps "Fake News" followed by "Real News.".
SOURCE URL: http://dailysignal.com/2017/05/01/underreported-how-building-a-border-wall-changed-san-diego/?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTlRSaU5EVTFZV1F3T1dFeCIsInQiOiJndU1KQ0tvRk9QaW5aRFV1WjZYWGZ0V3JmR2p5MDVUNXNwNk91M1MrWjJya0pJM1ZmeEZOQUNRdnJ0ZjF3Y3pYdkNDTlBJTkEwNTlyUFVueTNoSFM0RHVvMVBUcmpEcUVOSzUxZUc3MXF0XC9pV3Z4dTg4U2dyYjhYT2hvSm41ak8ifQ%3D%3D

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