Russia Just Had To Show Off Its Bigger 'Un!

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year ago to News
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Blast wise, that is. It's not always the size that counts.
Our Mother Off All Bombs (MOAB) has to be be slid out the back of a cargo plane.
Russia's Father Of All Bombs (FOAB) can still be released through a bomb bay~or so the Ruskies say.
Guess Putin is also sayin' "Nyah! Nyah!"

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  • Posted by  $  blarman 1 year ago
    Probably a FAE (fuel-air-explosive) bomb. The US has them too. It basically disperses a fuel (and usually an oxygenator) into the atmosphere a couple hundred feet above the ground and then detonates it. It's the same thing that happens in the chamber of a standard gasoline engine, just without the piston.
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    • Posted by  $  1 year ago
      The video narrator says the bomb "ignites a fuel air mixture in midair."
      So you could very well be right and have said it far better.
      I mean, one would hope that a "fuel air mixture" would be in the air. Harrumph!
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      • Posted by preimert1 1 year ago
        I can attest to that. The electric igniter on my gas
        oven failed and I forgot to turn the gas off while I was fumbling around looking for the pistol lighter I keep in a kitchen drawer. When I flicked it, the "mutha" blew the hair off my arm and singed my eyebrows. Don't try this at home, folks!
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  • Posted by Herb7734 1 year ago
    Now thathere's Mom and Pop bombs, the next move up will likely be the KOAL the king of all bombs, and the QOAB queen of all bombs. After that perhaps we'll name them after Greek Gods. I say dibs on ZOAL Zeus of all bombs. Also, I suggest the build them in Moab, Utah just to show the Russkies how serious we are.
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