The tao of Ayn Rand

Posted by sdesapio 10 years ago to Philosophy
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From the article:

"I’m now half way through Atlas Shrugged and I’m loving almost every moment. But Ayn Rand isn’t someone you read for pleasure, I’m beginning to realise. She’s someone you read so you can underline sentences and scrawl in the margins ‘Yes’, ‘God that is so TRUE!’ and ‘YES!!!’"

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  • Posted by LetsShrug 10 years ago
    I didn't write in the margins I just yelled stuff every other page. Stuff like, "this is awesome!" "Finally!", "I KNEW it!", "I wish I would've read this 30 years ago!" and "Wow!".
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  • Posted by Lucky 10 years ago
    I do not quite agree - there are passages in AS that had me laughing out aloud! Eg. The one early in the story with James Taggart, excuses was shot down by Dagny and they got more preposterous, then all he could do was to say it is not 'fair', the last resort of the scoundrel.
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