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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 6 years, 11 months ago
    I liked that article. Reading this makes me think about how I think the nation-state is an out-dated idea. I don't have the solution, but the idea of having physical ground associated with a certain set of rules, customs, and language, with rules governing ingress and egress of people and product; I think all that's out-of-date.

    I don't have any radical proposals or anything; but I guess I'm clearly not a nationalist. I think of myself a patriot, but an odd sort, patriotic to an idea of people coming together to create an institution to preserve liberty (i.e. freedom with protection from elected mobs or just bands of criminals who would take away freedom).

    You write about being confused by Bannon and the stuff people say about Bannon. I think both of that is hype for rubes, people getting paid to say stuff that doesn't exactly make sense but manipulates people on an emotional level. As you say, they tack on "white" in front of nationalist to call him a racist in an indirect way. That's all crap. (They're generating the crap. We are just taking note of it.)

    People are trying to figure out what a nation state is in a world that is so small, where value can be passed over borders instantly at almost no cost. The stuff you quote is politicians and pundits doing what they do, trying to exploit whatever the trends of the times are.
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