Attraction Marketing 101 for Gulchers

Posted by BrettRocketSci 3 years, 11 months ago to Business
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Continuing on from my earlier post about fostering more B2B and B2C relationships among us Gulchers (and with those in our local circles of influence who we have to deal with on a regular basis), I think we need to learn about the concept of Attraction Marketing. Here is a 5-minute video from a network marketing guy (who I only know from this video) who does a decent job explaining it concisely:
You can also search for The Law of Attraction to learn the basis of Attraction Marketing. Unfortunately all the videos I found had too much mystical premises or were too industry-specific (too sales-y). Still the valid point, I believe, is that we attract people (or customers or clients) to us who we consciously and subconsciously choose to attract to us. You don't need to believe there is anything mystical about our subconscious mind to realize that this concept has merit. In fact I believe it is perfectly consistent and relevant with Objectivist philosophy and values.
Why not choose to attract more people who share our values??? Seems like a very attractive strategy and goal to me (ha ha).
I just created an ad copy for myself that applies this strategy. I would like to run it by people here in the Gulch for honest feedback. But first I want to introduce the concept and read some thoughts or questions about the approach. Thanks for reading this post and commenting on it. I look forward to reading and discussing more! Brett


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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 3 years, 11 months ago
    It's a lot of stuff inspired by How to Win Friends and Influence People.

    I find my team's own efforts to get inside prospects' heads to be often counterproductive. We come up with just-so stories about why the potential client did what they did. They often turn out to be completely wrong. People may call three companies to get quotes and just pick one. It's so hard to get honest feedback from them on why the other bid won. Maybe they went on gut feeling, something they said, an endorsement from someone they knew, or it could be price. Usually I don't find out. When we come up with a guess, e.g. "it was all about price," it often turns out to be something different: We wanted to go with you, but it was less internal hassle to use a vendor already in our system even though their bid was higher.

    I definitely agree it's important to be enthusiastic about what your team is doing while being totally focused on their problem instead of your solution. Figuring out what that is is the key. The client often doesn't know. It's very hard for a group of aspies like me to work out.
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    • Posted by 3 years, 11 months ago
      LOL, thanks a lot for this experience. Seems a perfect tie-in to a podcast about selling I was listening to this weekend. The host and guest made the point that it has been proven (scientifically) that most sales are made based on emotion, not facts and reason. The facts and reason come in later (often milliseconds later) as rationalizations.
      This would explain why cut and dry explanations aren't too easy coming... this podcast was about B2B sales actually! Emotion-driven sales happen there too.
      This wasn't where I thought this topic was going, but now that I think about it, attraction marketing is about making an immediate and subconscious EMOTIONAL connection with your target audience. You hook them fast. Then you provide enough facts and reason to help them prove to themselves that yes, you are what they need and want.
      Do you have any high empathy people on your team? If you are all super-analytical and logical I would expect that you are missing clues and explanations for things.
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