How a study about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was doctored, adding to pain and stigma

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 1 year, 1 month ago to Ask the Gulch
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Thought this might be an important article for everyone to may know someone with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; and the lamestream is not likely to be reporting on this fraud.

A few years back, a Ct resident went to the Boston Children's hospital only to be arrested and not allowed to see their child. They claimed that her treatments in Ct were incorrect because the problem is psychological. Turns out they did untold harm to the child and the family.
Has the Hospital/Dr./drugged sickness careless system become part of a world wide medical kakistocracy?

My Question is: Why did they think or insist that this is a psychological disorder? psychologist need the extra work? What are they hiding other than their own stupidity or perhaps just having no idea in Haiti's what the causes are.

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  • Posted by salta 1 year ago
    CBT and GET protocols cannot work on ME/CFS. Both might be well designed and work for treating other problems, but ME/CFS is a nutritional problem. When the patients are re-nutrified again the problem resolves, but it takes a very long time.
    I suffered for 2 years, and have been clear now for 3 years.
    The best expert I've found is Dr Sarah Myhill in the UK. She has written several books, one on healthcare's vested interests might interest Gulchers...
    Sustainable Medicine: whistle-blowing on 21st century medical practice
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  • Posted by Herb7734 1 year ago
    Two sons. One athletic, can't sit still. Must always be doing something, becomes a successful engineer. Second son, hates exercise, reads, thinks creatively. Becomes a successful business man with revolutionary ideas.The second son was often accused of laziness, then, chronic fatigue syndrome until ideas started flowing out of him like hot water from Old Faithful. Some people eschew motion, others cannot sit still, even if they're from the same gene pool.
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  • Posted by EdGoldstein 1 year ago
    The worthwhile work in psychology was done a long time ago, but there are still hundreds of PhD candidates every year. Not to mention all those PhD's already out there.To make a living many repeat old stuff using new technology to record the same old results. Others, like this crew, fake their results to make a name for themselves. This is not unusual for psychology. Psychologists rewrote the definitions of most mental illnesses to claim those suffering from delusions are normal and those who think the sick are sick despite the new definitions need treatment. The natural rate of homosexuality is about 1%. Clearly if homosexuals are normal, then the 99% who think it is a mental defect need treatment. Employment for psychologists. This is another call for full employment for psychologists.
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    • Posted by  $  1 year ago
      It's sad but I'm laughing because I was just being flippant when I asked if the needed extra work.
      You seem to have pointed out that they do need the extra work.

      Why don't they just do a real psychoanalyses to find out why most people are not fully and consciously introspective and how we can honestly, rationally and safely get them to view and modify their own behavior and stop worrying about ours.

      I suggest we start with politicians and work our way up.
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