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American corporate income taxes are the biggest among those of the G20 nations. Let me here borrow a generalized liberal response: There are numerous available deductions to the standard rate of taxation so that the biggest corporations receive unfair advantage. I will agree with all but one word among those and that word is "biggest". Instead, I will use the word "certain". We should call certain terms in question in an opponent's argument and not allow deviation and hand waving to legitimize something that is inaccurate. Some of the biggest corporations might well be those certain corporations that receive unearned advantage. But I am certain that the reader can follow these remarks as clearly as is necessary to continue to the following point.

Unfair advantage is that advantage which is directly or indirectly enforced by the entity that initiates the use of physical force. ACA, EPA, DOE, Sherman Anti-Trust, IRS, etc. are entities with a common foundation: To "promote the general welfare". The misuse of this phrase to include the initiation of the use of physical force as a tool is perhaps the ugliest and most degrading part of American civic culture.

Mr. Bill O'Reilly today on his program, ranked first among national cable news shows, appeared to use that portion of the US Constitution to reprove a viewer who had written an email against government interference in an economic issue. This proves reproof of Mr. O'Reilly is required in order that he better understand the context of the Constitutional text. Our task is not to fight over whether or not the Constitution is flawed due to an implicit rather than explicit dependence on Aristotle through Locke. It is to define the proper Objective context -- the corrective lenses, so to speak -- with which to read and interpret that Constitution.

The "warring factions" and "pressure group warfare" within the government is a direct result of the misinterpretation of that specific clause. Had it not been included, ACA, EPA, DOE, Sherman Anti-Trust, and IRS might not exist in their current incarnations. I advise we size corporate welfare against corporate taxes from a pragmatic worldview if and only if we wish to lose on principle. There is always another reason for a looter or moocher to loot or mooch. There is always another reason for the thief to steal once again. I advise we cut out the hand waving and the generic blanket statements from the likes of the "commonsense" O'Reilly. I believe the reader will find that American corporate income taxes are no less an obvious scam than a hitchhiking thief whose thumb has the words "general welfare" tattooed in faded green ink.

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 4 years, 8 months ago
    I always wondered why, if not for looting, a corporation be taxed at all seeing that every individual employed is taxed also.
    I always supposed that it was just a liberal's/progressive's dismay that a corporation had more money than they themselves had looted.

    Reminds me of the "Pocahontas" argument that the corporations are using our resources and infrastructure free of charge: not realizing, that they pay local taxes too and every individual in the corporation does also in one form or another. Pocahontas failed to see that much of our infrastructure was spawned by the corporations, otherwise we'd still be driving on rut ridden dirt roads from one end of the country to the other in covered wagons.
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    • Posted by freedomforall 4 years, 8 months ago
      First, in the long run taxes on corporations are not paid by corporations; they are paid by individual consumers. Taxes on corporations are just a ploy to increase government power.
      Public projects to benefit private companies are another such ploy: Henry Clay and the looters from the Whigs wanted to use public funds for corporate uses in order to gain power. They failed but the GOP under that sly looter and mass murderer Lincoln succeeded at the cost of 600,000 young men's lives and the destruction of the American republican form of government. The destructive relationship between government and big business must end. No costly unconstitutional federal programs to promote commercial interests that loot the people and enhance federal power should exist regardless of the alleged trickle down benefits. If businesses have a great "need" for road improvements, then they will find a way to build them, but government funding is the wrong way.
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