Will the real Berkeley "provocateur(s)" please stand up?

Posted by bubah1mau 5 years, 2 months ago to Culture
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The San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate) has labeled Milo Yiannopoulos the "right-wing provocateur" in connection with the recent UC Berkeley riot. In what must be the understatement of the event if not the year, one politically correct TV reporter stated during the riot that those lined up to hear Yiannopoulos speak at UCB were "feeling somewhat attacked." Other comments in the video from participants give a clear indication about the state of First Amendment (and presumably other Constitutional) rights in a leftist (or Nazi) culture dictated by "protesters." Even media reporters, probably loyal to the cause of blocking Yiannopoulos, were attacked!

Now, with the DPM (Democrat Puppet Media) firmly in place, anyone who threatens the status quo of national deterioration into socialist-fascist chaos must be imaged as a "provocateur." Anyone who doesn't slide with the muck must be a foul instigator of illegality and violence--exactly what the word "provocateur" both denotes and connotes.

One simple question: who were the actual instigators of violence at Berkeley? Those who came prepared with mace, chains, and clubs, or a guy who simply wanted a chance to present an unorthodox opinion in a public forum?
SOURCE URL: http://www.sfgate.com/crime/article/UC-Berkeley-cops-release-photos-of-31-suspects-in-10992524.php

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