Court Says Californians Need To Cool Off After Gun Buy

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 4 months ago to News
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Cool off? What if it is someone who just threatened you is the one who needs to cool off?
Such became my situation when I was a newspaper reporter for seven years during the 70s mostly in Alabama.
Speaking with very recent experience, today I can go into any Birmingham area gun store, pick out a gun and wait for just under an hour of the seller to check me out on the phone.
Back around 1974, I had to wait about two weeks even after I paid for my first handgun in Tuscaloosa.
First I was receiving death threats on the phone before *69 was introduced so you could find out who just called you.
Next I'm cornered in a laundromat when two dudes exit a restaurant and head toward me across a street. I recognized one as someone I recently wrote about going to jail.
The other dude chickened out. Shaking his head, he went back into the restaurant. The one charged with a crime tossed up his hands and followed the other guy.
So I decided to buy a gun I could conceal on my person. Several very anxious and jumpy days passed before I was carrying serious enough self defense protection instead of a stupid knife.
Now it is 2017 and a threatened Californian has to wait ten days for someone really mad at them to cool off.
I suppose a lib judge can't imagine that the someone who needs to cool off may not be the gun buyer.

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