College Dems Wear White Puzzle Pieces To Recognize "White Privilege"

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 4 months ago to Education
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Me dino is glad I'm an extinct Jurassic Period carnosaur because I'd be so ashamed to be a white human whose privilege of skin pigment is really a badge of shame.
Quite frankly, white puzzle pieces leave me puzzled.
Wearing white puzzles pieces just don't strike me as punishment enough for one's white ancestry.
If those students were really serious about their fair share of shame, they would give away all they have toward slave reparations, take a vow of poverty as well as chastity in order not to breed any more natural born oppressors of the white skin pigment persuasion.
The following is an example of how white dems should publicly humiliate their white guilt until the end of their dismal days.
Yeah, this is what me dino calls for really real walking the walk~

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