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  • Posted by $ rockymountainpirate 7 years, 10 months ago
    Hahahahaha. Just when you thought people couldn't get any more stupid along comes this. No wonder odipshit was elected.
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    • Posted by conscious1978 7 years, 10 months ago
      Hahaha...Ohhhhh...(face palm snicker)....I might have parted with some of my money to see her reaction to reality. :D

      But, you're right RMP; most of our elected representatives are a result of this superficial perception.
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      • Posted by $ 7 years, 10 months ago
        If you read the Blaze item almost to the end, you'll find that the libtard was informed that these animals were no longer alive anywhere and her response was "See, I knew people would kill them all off!"

        Can somebody help me to understand why these people are allowed to be loose?? I really believe they should be locked up for OUR protection. Talk about being too dumb to live! I don't know how somebody that thick can actually feed themselves.

        Did somebody put instructions on the bottom of the soup can???
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  • Posted by Hiraghm 7 years, 10 months ago
    I remember when Jurassic Park came out.
    I went to the movie by myself (something I seldom did back in the day, and I went to a lot of movies...)

    I was sitting in the theater... Ellie is looking at the leaf, Alan turns his head and pulls off his sunglasses in astonishment...

    They get out of the jeep, Mr Hammond is wobbling around with his cane, and in the background is a brachiosaur lifting up on her hind legs to eat the leaves on top of a tree.

    I felt the emotion begin to grow inside me... and by the time the music swelled to a crescendo, Mr Hammond said, "Welcome to Jurassic Park!" and the camera turned to show a herd of dinosaurs wading across a lake, it took all of my willpower not to stand in my seat and shout "F* YOU!" at the top of my lungs in sheer joy and hatred.

    Joy at the thought of what free men could do. Hatred toward... whom? Well, now I know. Scumbags like this who would cripple the advancement of Mankind because they hate and fear those humans superior to themselves. Who see intelligence and ambition as threats.

    Dr. Malcolm represented them. Unfortunately, the movie chose to paint him as right, instead of as dead-wrong as he would really be.

    As anyone who's seen the movie knows, that 'dead animal' is laying in that position because she was being portrayed as having eaten some vegetation she shouldn't have. I always thought her illness was related to the mysterious ability to breed the dinosaurs had developed.

    I remember when I discovered that they used SGI supercomputers for the graphics and in the movie, I wanted to get an SGI system. I eventually bought myself an O2... then had to buy the Irix OS for it separate, and install it myself from scratch. I eventually sold it, and wish I hadn't. I haven't been able to find another (let alone another I could actually afford...) I even used that 3D file system the girl uses when she claims, "It's a Unix system!" (no, sweetie, it's an Irix system...)

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