FEE Argues Kant is the Basis of Libertarianism

Posted by dbhalling 5 years, 4 months ago to Philosophy
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I have been warning people that Austrian Economics and Libertarian philosophy are not consistent with Objectivism and this is more proof.
SOURCE URL: https://www.libertarianism.org/publications/essays/kantian-case-libertarianism

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  • Posted by Lucky 5 years, 4 months ago
    Kant got the fundamentals wrong.
    His work can be left to the specialists,
    there are better sources for the practical and the philosophical.
    If you insist, go direct to Plato.

    To divert a bit, what I like about Rand in Atlas Shrugged is the argument illustrated by examples.
    Dagny is
    -told she can claim Galt's motor,
    -offered free ownership of Dannager's coal mine.
    Her rejections were adamant, nothing can be taken except as trade,
    she can accept nothing unless she has put in work thought and effort.
    Also, as the tramp is about to be thrown out of the train she says-
    Wait. Let him be my guest. (!)
    Dagny has seen evidence that the tramp values life, this she rewards.
    Yes he then pays for his dinner by telling his story.
    In Kant, is there anything as beautiful emotionally and intellectually?
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