Mars Offers Proof That CO2 Not Part of Climate Warming Formulae

Posted by Zenphamy 4 years, 4 months ago to Science
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So, (Pseudo Scientist) Climate Warming have so contaminated hard scientist that a major task of our research on Mars and more than one mission, to find evidence of water (positive), and then find evidence of CO2 (negative) to have warmed the previous atmosphere to produce that water.

And guess what? No evidence of CO2 which confounds scientists (?) that were convinced that there had to be CO2 caused climate warming to have formed water. Does that indicate to anyone that the arguments of Global Warming Scientists(?) about CO2 in our atmosphere is so much bullsh!t?

From the Article: "But since these indications have not been found, scientists are left with two lines of evidence that do not match up. As Ashwin Vasavada, Curiosity’s Project Scientist, put it:

Curiosity’s traverse through streambeds, deltas, and hundreds of vertical feet of mud deposited in ancient lakes calls out for a vigorous hydrological system supplying the water and sediment to create the rocks we’re finding. Carbon dioxide, mixed with other gases like hydrogen, has been the leading candidate for the warming influence needed for such a system. This surprising result would seem to take it out of the running."

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