So the FED raised has raised interest rates 0.5% in 10 years, I wouldn't exactly call that a hawkish FED. Also, will Donald Trump really make America great again?

Posted by justin_mohr_show 7 years, 5 months ago to Economics
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No one was shocked by the FEDs recent decision to raise interest rates to .5-.75%. The FED has raised interest rates a total sum of .5% in 10 years! That’s not much of a move but the markets think the FED is being very hawkish right now with the dollar hitting a 14 year high! During the campaign, Trump stressed to people how he will make America great again but really it’s an impossibility. The only way for things to turn around is if the government shrinks and the free market is allowed to prevail! Trumps natural instincts is to fix things with government. The markets wishful thinking in regards to a Trump presidency are vastly overblown and will crash back to reality rather soon.

This episode is hard hitting and not for the delicate flowers out there.

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