Study Reveals Clinton Blue States Have Common Factor--FAILURE!

Posted by  $  allosaur 1 year, 1 month ago to Politics
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People are even leaving beautiful Hawaii.
That would make our 50th state yet another "Nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there."
Oh, that would be our 57th state in Obamanese.if you're into that.
SOURCE URL: http://constitution.com/study-reveals-clinton-blue-states-common-factor-failure/

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    Posted by Lucky 1 year ago
    Good article.
    Statistical evidence of the effects of progressivism:

    The policies are
    -High tax rates
    -Heavy regulation
    -High welfare benefits
    -Environmental extremism
    -High minimum wage
    -Outlawed energy drilling

    The consequences are
    -No worker’s paradise, but a worker’s nightmare
    -Large gap between rich and poor
    -Lower growth
    -Benefit the rich and politically well-connected at the expense of everyone else
    (-and therefore more unemployment and poverty. )

    'The workers' are better off with capitalist rather than progressive politics.
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    • Posted by Dobrien 1 year ago
      This exodus from onerous govt meddling (looting)
      Regulations and "right to not work laws" unions to states with less interference mirrors the death of manufacturing in USA. I have read in Imprimus that regulations cost $20 thousand per manufacturing employee , and govt. corruption another $19 thousand. The corruption is from lobbyists paying off looters in govt.
      Getting advantages to limit competition that results in lower quality, higher cost products.
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    • Posted by  $  1 year ago
      What's nice is that libs who would call you racist for writing that in an attempt to make you shut up and sit down are finally beginning to marginalize themselves as pathetic.
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    • Posted by NealS 1 year ago
      The rich in those areas and the politicians will do everything in their power to keep those states exactly the way they are. This is how they succeed, by keeping others poor and suppressed. And they will work to keep the people ignorant of the facts and the results of their choices. Nothing will change. George Soros learned this early during the war when he turned in his own kind to protect himself and prosper under the Nazis.
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  • Posted by ProfChuck 1 year ago
    I live in California and like all the other blue states we are in serious financial trouble. We suffer from the typical lib-prog fantasy that reality can be legislated and determined by political edict. Like King Canute commanding the waves to stop this is part of the mantra of political power. The CalExit people want to secede from the US and form an independent country. They have even set up a faux embassy in Moscow! Economic laws are as fundamental and real as the law of gravity and if you step off the roof of a tall building you will certainly fall to your death even if you don't believe the law applies to you. That is California's fate.
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    • Posted by NealS 1 year ago
      There is but one solution for California, leave it. Perhaps if enough leave, the elector counts will also drop and their vote will become insignificant. That's why I moved from Western Washington to Eastern Washington. I just hope I can survive long enough to see a result. Makes me wonder what would happen in a city that is completely ruled and populated only by liberal democrats, with no one at all to ever challenge anything they do?
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    • Posted by  $  Ben_C 1 year ago
      My suggestion is that California secede and become a province of Mexico. Solves several problems: open boarder in California making the US southern border easier to patrol, Spanish is already the State language, no more federal money propping up the California economy, the producers will leave, and the looters and moochers will stay sucking on the Mexican treasury, Of course, Hollywood will be in a pickle - "should we stay or should we go?" Can't wait to hear that dialogue.
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  • Posted by DrZarkov99 1 year ago
    The problem the wealthy are having in the blue states is a lack of domestic labor. Housing cost is so high in these areas that unless you can provide housing on site for the housekeeper, gardener, nanny, chauffeur, etc., they can't afford to live close enough to provide the needed services. I suspect this situation is what will drive the robotics market, since these well off are able to afford the high first user price that will come with sophisticated robot labor.

    I'm surprised that the robot makers are struggling to enter the market at the low end, with robot vacuum cleaners and the like that sell for a few hundred dollars. I would have spent more research and time to create a much more capable home robot, or system of robots priced at thousands of dollars, and targeted the rich, who are always wanting to be ahead of the trend.

    By the same token, it's mystified me why the autonomous cars are all looking like a Toyota Camry, rather than a Rolls Royce. These are expensive machines, so why not make these real luxury cars that appeal to those who can actually afford them? The same auto makers that keep selling the SUVs because that's where the profit is should think about this. The profit is in the expensive models, and even if the number of sales is low to start, being the first to have what in essence is a robot chauffeur will be viewed as a premiere feature. Do that first, then it will be much easier to spread the technology to the masses.
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    • Posted by term2 1 year ago
      I like the idea of a robotic household assistant. Easier to get along with, more efficient, potentially cheaper in the long haul, etc.

      But I would say that we need to rethink the design of our houses. Make them easier for robots to get around and do things for us. Storage areas that are larger with pre-arranged shelf locations for specific items. Floors that enable the robot to know where it is and get from one point to another without tripping on loose rugs or bumping into things that are thrown about (like clothes or shoes).

      Then the software can be made to learn what we want more realitically. My computer for example has "follow me" programs where I can do my repetitive mouse motions while the software learns them. Then I push one button, and complicated repetitive motions can be repeated automatically. A robot could be taught to make coffee and eggs and toast all by itself if it knew where the ingredients, the stovetop, and the other elements needed were.

      Without some house redesign and simplification, this would be an expensive robot. With some rethinking of how we set up our houses, it could be a lot cheaper. Exciting times.
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  • Posted by evlwhtguy 1 year ago
    The problem is that the people that leave these states are like a cancer when they move to Red states, eventually turning them blue, raising taxes etc. and spreading the misery. I cant tell you how many times I have heard Yankee refugees who come down south tell me..."Wow, the taxes are so low here...just think what we could have if we raised them just a little". I usually tell them...."If all that stuff is so great...go the hell back home where you already have all those wonderful services!"
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    • Posted by artswavn 1 year ago
      You are so right (correct). Long ago I was stationed in Oregon, a beautiful RED state, hunting, fishing, everyone tuned into self-defense all hard working. WHAT HAPPENED? Moved back to Oregon to retire -- found another California.
      No end to the cancer??
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    • Posted by ScaryBlackRifle 1 year ago
      I am from Detroit and now living in central NC.

      I tell the newcomers the same thing ... "DON'T BRING IT WITH YOU! ... learn how they do it here. What they are doing here works and does NOT need 'the Nawth'." Bring an open wallet and an open mind because there are cheap ways to do things and expensive ones and it is going to take a while for you to learn which is which. ;-)

      I've been here just over 5 years and am STARTING to learn the ropes. I've got a lot to learn still, but it's getting better.

      DO carry a pocket knife (any style is okay ... but it MUST be sharp) and buy, at least, a shotgun or rifle and find a range to join. The range is one of the places where you can become a southerner and have relationships that don't cost you big money just to yack. Church will also work. Church does not require a profoundly deep set of religious convictions but it IS the social hub with spokes that go out to everything else. The range is for the un-churched as well as the churched, but the church is the big league. I left my old religion a couple years ago and cannot bring myself to join a different denomination ... but range membership is only $125 / year for the whole family. ;-)
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  • Posted by  $  Temlakos 1 year ago
    I always figured the more attractive the place as a place to visit, the crazier the politics. Nowhere is this truer than in California--though I am shocked to hear of people packing up and coming back to The Mainland because Hawaii is too socialistic for them.

    Let's be clear, furthermore, on who "the rich" are in those States. They are the best-connected. Which means they really are the thieves leftists always say rich people are.
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    • Posted by Herb7734 1 year ago
      We lived for a number of years in San Diego, and have nothing but fond memories. The great weather and proximity to both ocean and mountains was great. But as we retired, we realized that if we continued to live there we would eventually go broke. We moved to Florida where our grandchildren were and the cost of living was about 1/3 of that in San Diego.
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      • Posted by ScaryBlackRifle 1 year ago
        That's what got my wife to move from NYC when we were getting married (long distance romance). I lived in Detroit and she was looking at a 1/3 cut in salary to move there ... but a 2/3 cut in living expenses. I was able to convince her that it isn't how much you make but how little you need to that matters most.

        We're still together 16 years on.
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  • Posted by Dobrien 1 year ago
    Hi Dino, this movement of jobs and people from highly taxed and regulated states is very interesting. The very wealthy in those states likely applaud the exodus. They don't need to work , their money works for them .These are the advanced thinkers who feel eugenics is an appropriate policy.
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  • Posted by fosterj717 1 year ago
    All one need do is to look at the overlays of the recent national election and the crime map for the country and you will see that Blue State failure is systemic.

    The voters that keep putting in the Dem pols that keep giving things away and weakening the Constitution have only themselves to blame for this well documented, self inflicted disaster these states are all facing to varying degrees.

    As the saying goes "Stupid is as stupid does...." For what its worth!
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