Russian hacker or Seth Rich

Posted by Mitch 2 years, 8 months ago to Politics
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I’d like to know what “finger print” that was left by Russian hacker because I don’t trust my government. I keep hearing that they have credible evidence but when pushed on the evidence, it goes no further then stating who else would do it… Typical liberal…

Let’s investigate it, let’s find out who gave these e-mails to Julian Assange and if we find out that these e-mails were leaked by the dead DNC staffer, Seth Rich and we find that Seth's death was a hit, everyone involved needs to get life or the death penalty.

Vastly more circumstantial evidence implicates Seth Rich was the source, let’s start here?
P.S. I think Julian Assange is a weasel but a weasel with credible information still needs to have that credible information investigated.

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