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Posted by $ Flootus5 4 years, 9 months ago to Politics
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This vitriolic diatribe is an interesting read.....Up to a point. He gets rather redundant in his ugly vicious portrayal of a group he now apparently despises. He claims to have grown up in rural white Christian settings, but now calls it going to "their" church and working on "their" rural farms.

Its pretty ugly and sad to see what is wrought when people fail to understand the individual and the collective. Constantly, constantly grouping people into this identity politics just creates the false basis for so much division, so much "us" versus "them" scenarios.

I'll be honest, I couldn't finish it.

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  • Posted by ewv 4 years, 9 months ago
    Then why post it? He has no intellectual argument. "Rather redundant" is an understatement. He denounces "whites" 46 times in various forms, but mostly the same, in his racist rant.

    Alternet is a far left website for disseminating "talking points" of progressive mythology. (You see it frequently cited by leftist agitators as a "source" in the comment section following articles.) They live in a world of invented floating abstractions, filtering everything through their ideology of the world in their imagination.

    The thinking of most rural Americans, religious or not to whatever degree, is not dictated to by fundamentalism and typically shows far more common sense and American individualism than the intellectual 'elites'. They don't know enough to be able to counter the explicit destructive philosophy of the intellectuals, but have been at least temporarily saved from it through insulation.

    This clown, who is no more than a vacuous third rate echo of the intellectuals he worships, thinks the solution is to subject everyone to the same indoctrination in the name of "education" to make us all share his emotions in the name of rationality.
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    • Posted by $ 4 years, 9 months ago
      Simple. The reason for posting is to elicit further comment on an important phenomenon going on, especially right now with the current developments. Which you have admirably contributed to.

      I am intrigued in particular with the analysis that the "rurals" don't know enough to be able to counter the "explicit destructive philosophy of the intellectuals". I see a lot of truth in that statement.

      And I see parallels in what you say with the Ellsworth Toohey and Wesley Mouch equivalents of today. Intellectual elites. How scary, when they have the distributed support of the mainstream media.

      The inherent sense of individualism is so much deeper than the collectivist smearisms portrayed by this guy. This I believe, opens up so much room for dialogue and awareness that would do our society (of individuals) so much good.
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