A creative NSA protest

Posted by ISank 10 years ago to Government
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As I reviewed the days news there was something about this one that I loved. Green peace and 10th amendment groups working together. Besides the entertainment value I look forward to seeing their results on congressional voting records related to privacy.

What a riot, I wanna party with these guys!
SOURCE URL: http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/nsa-snooping/illegal-spying-below-blimp-flies-over-nsa-utah-data-center-n142916

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  • Posted by 10 years ago
    As I looked up their report on congressional voting I though the bar was set pretty low. According to them if they got 1 vote right and 1 vote wrong they get rated an "A".
    In my class when someone scores a 50% it's an "F"

    But still pretty impressed with their creative effort.
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