Matt Clark and Rich Hoffman Blast The IRS

Posted by overmanwarrior 6 years, 5 months ago to Politics
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Its been a few months but I did a radio show that you guys might enjoy about the IRS. Matt Clark had some wonderful clips of the IRS hearings that are classic.

The IRS is guilty of several crimes and they are stuffing the information behind a veil of social masks designed to conceal their actions. During our talk it hit me that the only way to explain this IRS situation is through the proper context of the history of Attila which was actually a concept Nathaniel Branden provided to Ayn Rand. Those two archetypes, Attila and the Witch Doctor were constructed during a period of American history where near pure capitalism was seen being snuffed out by regulation and the events which would create The Great Society were being implemented. The book discussing Branden’s archetypes was For The New Intellectual published by Ayn Rand in 1961 well before any of the current troubles occurred—but the signs were clearly present. The temperament of talk radio which requires a lot of back and forth as a fluid discussion would not allow for the introduction of the Attila concept without all the back story—so it wouldn’t fit during our one hour talk radio show. But as Matt played several clips from the IRS hearings—things I had heard, but not in the condensed order that he played them—it was obvious where America was going wrong and how it had to be fixed.

This Attila and the Witch Doctor archetype is the only way to really describe this madness.

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