I am voting for myself for president out of self-interest

Posted by $ jbrenner 4 years ago to Politics
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Inspired by the discussion linked above regarding reasons why an Objectivist should vote for Trump for president, I have decided to completely reject those premises.

I was told I wasted my vote when I voted libertarian for president in 2000 in the State of Florida where Bush beat Gore by 555 votes. Several friends said I should have voted for Tweedledee so that we wouldn't get Tweedledum for president. What we got was a month-long lawsuit brought by Tweedledum to try to "discern" my vote that cost the stock market 15%.

While I agree with Gary Johnson on the big picture, he has done just enough to make me not want to vote for him.

I have decided to write in myself in my vote for president. I am the only person who can govern me. As for the rest of you, given the opinions expressed in this forum, I should hope that each of you would vote for yourself, too. I have no interest in governing any of you either.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 4 years ago
    Old Dino may run if he can create and receive backing from what I shall hereby dub as the Extinct Party.
    The Extinct Party supports things that are extinct such as the (not O-hole's pick and chose) rule of law, the legal rock hard solid foundation of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights; but as for the rest of the amendments, maybe we should start over again.
    Anyhoo, Ayn Rand's extinct philosophy will not be considered extinct by we the extinct for the extinct.
    Spineless alive and (not) well behavior exhibited by constantly caving RINOs will not be tolerated (even if political heroism is dead) by my Extinct Party.
    Such traitors shall be called Extinct In Name Only aka EINO, which is pronounced, EEEIIINNOOO!
    If you're wondering what the hell I just wrote, its the phonetic spelling of what old dino roars whenever I smell another allosaur's urine inside my territory.
    Oh, yeah, extinct property rights will be respected by the Extinct Party also.
    OH, well, time to go. Have a nice Extinction everyone; and at the start of this October, may our treated as extinct Founding Fathers arise from the dead to haunt the politically correct..
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  • Posted by Burtb0 4 years ago
    This is a foolish position.
    If you are not voting, you are moving Hilairy one step closer to the Presidency.
    The only way to stop the slide into socialism is Vote Trump.

    Unless you want to bring about the destruction of the USA (which may be your game plan- the old tactic of burning the crops to force everyone to fight rather that hunker down behind the castle wall)

    Is a President Trump a guarantee? Not at all. But a Hillary presidency is guaranteed to end in socialism.

    At this point, You have two doors.
    One has a guaranteed Tiger behind it.
    One might have a Tiger or might have a princess.
    Why would anyone open the door to a guaranteed hungry Tiger?
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