How to get the truth about gun control to the public?

Posted by $ TomB666 7 years, 7 months ago to Education
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This is an excerpt from the linked article:
The anti-gun news media are always spouting the number of murders in the United States compared to other countries. A quick "fact check" using Dr. John Lott's new book "The War on Guns", tells a different story. Using the number of murders per million, makes the comparison on a level playing field: the United States 0.316, Europe 0.52, Africa 1.162, Israel 6.825 and the Philippines 1.1829. Hillary is always bloviating about instituting Australian style gun confiscation. Australia's murder rate is 1.513 or 379% more than that of the United States. Australia's murder rate has gone up since they confiscated the guns of law abiding citizens there. Of course, these facts never come out because the mainstream media are the anti-gunners fellow travelers.

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  • Posted by Ed75 7 years, 7 months ago
    The only way is to train the young just like damn near everything else they ought to know. All of this should be done BEFORE they get to the government youth camps. (public school)
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