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  • Posted by UncommonSense 5 years ago
    Ever have a wave of adrenaline just before the horn or whistle goes off for a 5k race, or a triathlon? I just experienced that after reading that scary article.

    Sure, we can fight...the local police (with the ever-increasing SWAT teams that accompany them), possible the county and don't forget, the wonderful DHS goons and maybe a few U.N. troops too. Take out a UN troop and guess what? You'll face "international" charges!

    I'm ready to leave now. But I can't breathe underwater and I can't get to the moon. They can have all my stuff. That's what they want anyway. But ultimately, they want my brain and the ideas in it and THEY CAN NEVER HAVE THAT. #POUNDSAND
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  • Posted by Robbie53024 5 years ago
    This happened during Katrina. It was the causes belli for that action. Clearly there was over-action by the police. And it also seems that these people got their weapons returned. The CB for O won't allow for such an outcome.
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