Remember the Discussion on Dogs Being Treated Better Than Children? Now one of the children has killed after half a century of getting his hand slapped.

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Michigan Man With 12 Prior Arrests For Drunk Driving Kills 12-Year-Old Girl In Latest DUI Accident, August 4, 2016 jonathanturley

James Cahill, Jr., 49, is someone all too familiar to police. Cahill has 12 prior drunk driving convictions. He can now add a 13th arrest, but in this latest case there is a dead 12-year-old girl. Cahill hit a family’s van from behind on July 27th at 8:18 p.m. He then tested at almost three times the legal level of alcohol in his blood. Notably, his license was revoked by the Secretary of State in 1990.

He is now facing charges of second-degree murder, operating with a high blood alcohol content causing death, operating while intoxicated third offense and driving while license suspended causing death and a misdemeanor charge of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle.

Cahill has been denied bond in the case.

Cahill was speeding when he rear-ended the minivan, which contained three girls — 12-year-old Victoria Mack and two others, ages 2 and 3. Victoria Mack was in the third seat and, after being cut out of the wreckage, was put on life support for three days before she died.

Cahill’s drunk driving arrests go back to 1986. His license has been revoked 24 times and suspended 17 times since 1986.

The tragedy and pain for Victoria’s family must be magnified by this man’s long criminal history. This is a chilling record and highlights the problem of how to address some with an obvious drinking problem and a long recidivist history. His license was taken away but he was still at large and able to drive.

The question is whether such individuals should be incarcerated. At some point, they have to be released so the question is how long should such people be imprisoned and what should be the condition of release.

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Michael Aarethun
1, August 4, 2016 at 1:13 am wrote

Not only he should have been taken off the street as a direct menace to society but those who slapped his hand at an early age and said ‘now puppy don’t crap on the carpet any more’ should have been and should be held to accounts as well for accessories before and after. Why the dog analogy. Because in the USA we treat our dogs better than our children and no dog is raised and trained to get away with crimes against carpets while our children our not trained to the level of a dog. For every juvenile miscreant there is an responsible adult. Delinquent means failing in duty and that’s an adult trait. No such thing as a juvenile delinquent just juvenile offenders and adult delinquent in their duty probably more than one. Did I come up with that theory on my own. No it was first written up in the 1950’s and has been proven true for more than half a century. Should have read the book instead of watching the movie. Robert Heinlein. Starship Troopers. You should have read the book. Now he faces a death penalty. Unless they let him go free again. Which wouldn’t surprise me. Governments don’t much care about 12 year old victims .

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