Ayn Rand and the A-Bomb

Posted by DrEdwardHudgins 4 years ago to Technology
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Ayn Rand worked on a film script about the A-bomb. It offers lessons for today about freedom and technology.
SOURCE URL: http://atlassociety.org/commentary/commentary-blog/6074-ayn-rand-and-the-a-bomb

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  • Posted by $ MichaelAarethun 4 years ago
    Add to the thanks . I took the time to read the article and two others including Destruction of Democracy which while not a favorite word hit's the grass roots level or foundation of citizenship responsibilties in a Constitutional Republic.

    Recommend that one for high on everyone's reading list and thining about list. Two comments.

    Doing away with all sources soft money is putting more power into the hands of incumbents was one subject. Pay attention to that one I feel a discussion thread coming up as a result.

    Second the relationship of Congressioinals and other members of government to the individual having changed with the inclusion of special interest groups as an intermediary thus marginalizeing the importance of citizens as individuals and lessening their importance as thinking reasoning members of the social contract .

    Those two alone made it worth while and again thanks
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