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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 4 years, 8 months ago
    It's counter-intuitive, but probably true. ISIS is a band of criminals trying to be a state, committing random crimes hoping people will aggrandize them into some major threat. They've managed to co-opt a small group of people into selling the absurd notion they represent a billion people. You'd think they'd have to pay for this aggrandizement, but their unwitting allies offer it willingly.

    At the same time, greenhouse gases are silent peril to the world. They won't commit any ghastly murders, but they will cost the world literally trillions of dollars. It's not as dramatic, but that could end up costing lives.

    It's very hard to do anything about greenhouse gases from energy production. We have alternatives to the greenhouse gases used as compressibles in refrigeration, so we actually can do something about that.

    If you're looking for an enemy with a face, it's tempting to aggrandize extremists, giving them just what they want, and pretend like greenhouse gases aren't a real problem-- basically just lie and deny reality. But the quote in the article is the unpleasant truth: a scientific/engineering problem is a graver threat to the modern world than bad guys.
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