Marine Corps Renaming 19 Jobs to Meet Gender Neutral Directive?!?!?!

Posted by  $  Olduglycarl 2 years, 10 months ago to Culture
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Why can't we grow up and get over it, get over left like rejection of the authority of the author (so to speak). Man...throughout history and all translations means: ALL OF US..."Men-Male" AND "Wo"men- "Fe"male.
Go ahead creatures...erase the sexes and you won't get any sex anymore. I've read articles that through interviews and statistics, it is found that Men AND Women are Less happy now with all this gender equal stuff taken to the max versus when we were just simply partners in equality, each with our own essences whether they were traditional roles or a mix.
Do you not enjoy and appreciate the differences between men and women...isn't that the source of our attraction to each other?
Do you deny North attracts South one more important or valuable than the other when it requires Both to create electricity and that magnetic bond.

We have to realize by now that we can't remake the physical laws to someone's misguided liking's.

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