like your dog? . don't move to Iran.

Posted by johnpe1 8 years ago to Culture
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vulgar western culture? . our aussie sleeps with us
and provides better alarm sensing than adt ever could! -- j

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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 8 years ago
    That alone...says it conscience, not conscious, not human as far as I'm concerned.

    Just got the newest book on the works of Julian Jaynes by Marcel Kuijsten: Gods, Voices and the bicameral mind (read brain) and there is a chapter I can't wait to applies here:

    "Vestiges of bicamerality have been documented in preliterate societies worldwide and researchers have also noted differences in aspects of consciousness based on differences in language"
    I've noted at times that the islamic languages don't have any words or concepts for, compromise, mutuality for example. I've often said that it is their mysticism, their laws and politics that prevents them from becoming "Conscious Human beings". Now we see that language plays a role also. It was the advent of language, written and spoken that lead mankind upon the path of self inspection or consciousness.

    I am sure that early man...even before he invented language...had a dog at his side.
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