The Cost of Passive-Agressivism: Overcoming major attacks against GDP productivity

Posted by overmanwarrior 6 years, 6 months ago to Culture
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Passive-aggressiveness is a direct result of the rise of communism in the 20th Century. It was the human mind’s defense against such a social intrusion upon their individual sanctity. The way to counter it is to respect the free will of those victimized while at the same time helping them find objectives in their lives which align their true goals with the needs for productivity. When dealing with people who don’t truly know what they want in life—it is really too much to ask to do the work for them, but often that is what is required—and it can be taxing. However, when the cause and effects are understood it is possible. Human beings and their brains are simply computer programs. If there are errors which occur during the uploading of data throughout their lives, their minds become fragmented and a simple defrag of their mental processing will get them pointed in the right direction. Ultimately, people simply want all the same things; they want shelter, food, love, and a sense of purpose. Once you can help them achieve those things, the negatives of passive—aggressive behavior can be overridden.

Social engineers, climate terrorists, over indulgent managers, power hungry politicians, and all addicts of authoritarian regime are the causes of passive aggression because they attempt to manipulate the basic needs of human beings. If the basic needs of a human being are threatened in some way, passive-aggression will raise up to counter the effect. There are no drugs that can help this condition—they can only turn the mind off to the pain of duality. The problem is one of social context where others wish to impose upon individuals their needs—which threaten the basic needs of human beings. For instance, the social reaction to the Michael Sam kiss with his boyfriend on ESPN after being drafted by the St. Louis Rams NFL team was negative and is the cause of much passive-aggressive anxiety currently. ESPN owned by the Disney Corporation overplayed the situation because they want the political groups backed by the LGBT community to not attack their parent company. ESPN feels they must demonstrate the proper level of “progressivism” to keep lawyers representing parasitic social groups from attacking their productive assertions. Society at large wishing to find love, have babies and grow old with a spouse see such a thing as gay “love” as a threat to their core wishes, yet they cannot express their frustration because the media has stated that accepting gay activity is needed for an advanced society forcing individuals to relieve their aggression toward their anxiety—in a passive—acceptable way. Progressives have set the table in every instance, making Disney fearful of lawsuits for not embracing same-sex demographics, teaching society through public education to repress their behavioral judgment and critical thinking to accept social advances advocated by progressives. This has changed surface behavior, but not the core desires of human beings.

As an example, an obese young woman in her late twenties functioning through life without a boyfriend and a houseful of cats may say publicly about the Michael Sam kiss—“good for them. They are in love, and happy, and now Sam can play on an NFL team.” But that same young woman may look at Sam’s boyfriend and find him attractive and be resentful that there is one less man in the world available to her to marry and have babies with. She may have considered adoption, but it’s not the same as giving birth to a genetic child of her own born from the love she longs to share with a husband. She is likely to develop a severe passive-aggressive attitude toward gay sexuality that she will mask in public, but act out against in private. She would be the one to spit in the drink of a gay couple if she was a waitress in a restaurant they were attending, or short change them in an exchange of currency at a movie theater—just to rectify her deeply hidden anxiety over not having a mate in a society that is 50% male. She will find it personally devastating that two men would rather be with each other than for one to pick her as a mate. She could become a lesbian, but that won’t help her have a biological child of her own—so instead she spits in the drink of the gay couple and smiles inwardly to herself at her revenge.

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  • Posted by Kath 6 years, 6 months ago
    It's interesting that the same-sex tyrants emerged around the same time as the global warming tyrants. They probably saw the success of the female tyrants and wanted in. It's all tyranny dressed up to look like science. I wish the progs would stop assuming I am feeble minded and give up telling me what to think. Good article.
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    • Posted by XenokRoy 6 years, 6 months ago
      Thanks for the thought. You made me start to think and the following (hopefully you can follow it) is what I started to think after reading your comment.

      I would bet that many that grab hold of same-sex or global warming to become tyrants do not even really believe in or support the cause they have grabbed. A global alarmist is rather wealthy from owning a strip mine for an example.

      For many I think that its nothing more than a tool. They will use whatever tool people become excited about. The tool is a means to extend force against others. The specific kind of force does not even mater to them, just so long as it allows them to practice some form of tyranny. Ultimately they only care about the ability to control others.
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  • Posted by $ jlc 6 years, 6 months ago
    Passive aggression is not an invention of the progressive movement. It is a common theme throughout history, that can be seen in the perception of slave or subordinate populations, which were characterized by descriptions that we would term 'passive aggressive'.

    The straight people with whom I associate are pro-gay and they are happy people who actually like the gay couples they know and seek to do them good, as they would any of their friends. 'Gay' is not a 'them' is just 'people'. People can do as they like in their bedroom (consensual l rules apply) and it is no threat to the rest of us.

    Just for the record: I am straight. I have never wanted a husband. I emphatically do not want children.

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  • Posted by teri-amborn 6 years, 6 months ago
    All of this passive-aggressive behavior sounds a LOT like co-dependency.
    Honesty and forthrightness have all but become extinct. To be able to say: "This is what I think ... this is what I feel and I'll tell you why:" ... is how communication happens.
    If we teach our children that it's not OK to have thoughts and feelings and/or that expressing them is an anathema, then passive/aggressive behavior will prevail.
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  • Posted by Hiraghm 6 years, 6 months ago
    This phrase threw a red flag for me:

    "Passive-aggressive behavior from workers and managers is damaging to team unity and productivity."

    "team unity". That's a progressive term. What is damaging to productivity is incompetent or non-productive team members.

    It was tough reading through all the psychobabble, but regardless of your low opinion of passive-aggression, it's going to be an absolutely mandatory component of resistance as the progressives gain tighter and tighter control of society. *Directed* passive-aggression will increasingly become a vital tool of resistance.

    I don't know to what this "Michael Sam kiss" refers, but "gay couple" is an oxymoron.

    Yes, I'm extremely passive aggressive (I think I fit into the "vacillating" category). I've had to become passive aggressive to survive in an increasingly PC world whose values and principles have diverged wildly (and, IMO, irrationally) from mine.

    Emotions need an outlet. Pretty much the only alternative to passive-aggressive behavior in this increasingly intolerantly PC society is mass-murder., as an outlet for frustration and inhibition. Even more so as societal "norms" diverge more and more from rationality.
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    • Posted by khalling 6 years, 6 months ago
      huh. hiraghm as passive aggressive. I'd like to see that...
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      • Posted by Hiraghm 6 years, 6 months ago
        Should have been at Wal-mart this morning.

        All night long a pallet of supplies sat next to the maintenance room. All night long everyone else in maintenance walked past them time and again without touching a single box to put it away.

        We were one member of the crew short, and another went home early, sick. So I ended up having to race through waxing the pre-planned section of floor (along with my wax partner who *cannot* be hurried) so I could also clean the vestibules.
        After I finished with the vestibules, I went past the maintenance room and the pallet was *still* there, and it was getting close to time for the head manager to show up for the day.

        I finally started grabbing boxes and literally throwing them into the maintenance room (hey, it was faster than making multiple trips carrying them). I decided to leave them on the floor, in the way of the cleaning machines.

        I bet the night co-manager that the floor crew would maneuver around or shove aside the boxes rather than put them on the shelves out of the way.

        I won my bet. But managed to piss off at least one of my co-workers.

        In a few nights, I'm going to *really* piss them off; I'm going to grab one of the spare scrubbers and get the floors cleaned early, leaving them with nothing to do... once the managers see how badly they've been milking the clock... they're going to have to work for a change... :)

        I call this passive aggressive because I do it in lieu of punching people in the nose.
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  • Posted by Hiraghm 6 years, 6 months ago
    I have a problem with "GDP productivity"...

    What do you mean by this?

    My productivity is mine, belonging to me, and is not part of some collective domestic product...
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