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  • Posted by LionelHutz 7 years ago
    This is a comment for the web site maintainers , not lostsierra:
    There is a bug in the website that is triggered with the URL that lostsierra posted here, such that when one clicks on the title, they will not get where they are supposed to go. The issue comes down to the presence of a % character in the original URL, used to convey hex digit encoding using the next two characters that follow. When the website takes a URL like this in, it does not recognize the % is being used as an encoding character. It instead treats it as a literal character, which results in this character ITSELF being encoded as %25.
    Therefore, this portion of the URL _%26_
    ends up getting improperly encoded as _%2526_.

    If anyone is having problems viewing this post, you should be able to click the "Source URL" link that is shown under lostsierra's comment.
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