US falls to #12 on 2014 Index of Economic Freedom

Posted by robertmbeard 6 years, 12 months ago to Economics
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Our economic freedoms have deteriorated severely in the past 7 years. Canada, on the other hand, has modestly improved to #6 in the world, primarily by improving fiscal discipline, with their conservative govt (since 2011) setting a goal to reach a balanced budget by 2015. Now if Canada would only eliminate its single-payer govt health care system, it would be a great place to emigrate to, as the US continues to go bankrupt...

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  • Posted by $ Abaco 6 years, 12 months ago
    Sure. I have several friends who live in different countries. My mom, an ex-pat, does too. I hear repeated rhetoric about many places but in talking to those who actually live there such things never come up. Just speaking in general terms...I've seen what seems to be a better quality of life in Germany, Canada and Sweden. At first this confused me. Then, I looked at how our government siphons off my paycheck and it all becomes pretty clear.

    I was just talking with my French mother-in-law about this (she doesn't like France and lives here now)...I'm a producer. My role here is to work and pay. And, if I have a legitimate need - too bad. The roads in my neighbrhood are about 10 years past due for resurfacing. I have a disabled child and could not get any help from anybody for him - including the agencies whose charter is specifically to help disabled children. Would the other countries I mention above be as hard on a producer? It doesn't seem so according to those I know there. France abuses producers, to be fair. But many of the others seem to value us more. It feels like the worm has turned...
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  • Posted by Maphesdus 6 years, 12 months ago
    "Canada, on the other hand, has modestly improved to #6 in the world, primarily by improving fiscal discipline"
    When America grows up, I hope it grows up to be just like Canada.
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