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Atlas Shrugged
Written by: Ayn Rand
Narrated by: Christopher Hurt
Length: 52 hrs and 23 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

This was my first audiobook and thus my first audiobook review.

I read AS the first time in the early eighties. My Wife finally read it only a few years ago.

As many of you are aware, it is a lengthy read and one must dedicate significant time in our hustle and bustle lives in order to get through Rand's Magnum Opus. That is why I thought it would be great to pick up this audio book and listen to it on a recent road trip. It was time to take it all in again and have opportunity to discuss it as it unfolded with my better half.

I found the book well read by Christopher Hunt, but the Audible app for my android device was problematic. First off it will not let you quickly access your downloaded books without wading through their irritating advertisements if your wifi is on. Turn it off and you can get to your book more easily. The next irritant was the failure to set bookmarks for later. I had to make note of what chapter and time frame when I stopped the playback, if I was to pick up where I left off. The option was there, but every time I tried to set a bookmark an error report was displayed telling me the book mark failed! I do not know if it is a failure due to the software generally, or if it was an error specific to this particular file. Also, any book downloaded from Audible is not a simple audio file that could be played on your media player. It will only play on an Audible app. You may have purchased it, but you are limited to what you can do with "your" new property.

I selected the version read by Christopher Hurt because of the reviews. Interestingly, my Wife and I concurred that Mr. hurt sounded a lot like Patrick Fabian who played James Taggart in Atlas Shrugged II (The Strike).

If you can get his rendition on another app you may be better off. If Audible addresses my issues in the future, I would consider buying another audiobook from them, but in the meantime I will look elsewhere.

Happy Listening,

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  • Posted by freedomforall 5 years, 7 months ago
    I have the Blackstone Audio Books 1991 version. It's great. I listen to it every time I drive coast to coast here, and also took it on my driving holiday in Australia a few years ago. It inspires me every time.
    (Keeps me awake, too.)
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    • Posted by $ 5 years, 7 months ago
      Hello freedomforall,
      I enjoyed the experience. It was great to review and revisit. I plugged my tablet into an input in my truck and motored down the freeway. :)
      I am just not that thrilled with Audible as a source. Perhaps others have had better experiences.
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