Rick Santelli: "... it reminded me of Atlas Shrugged."

Posted by sdesapio 7 years, 5 months ago to Video
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"... it reminded me of Atlas Shrugged. It was going to be called The Strike, because people who got tired of being taken advantage of, so they decided they would call a strike and whatever it is they did, run railroads, make steel, they were going to stop."

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  • Posted by $ Temlakos 7 years, 5 months ago
    Just one thing missing: the actual strike call.

    He proposes a one-week general strike. John Galt gave his world a strike that lasted twelve years or more. Furthermore, "we started with no time limit in view." He didn't know how long the collapse would take, nor did he care. This was about more than going on strike; it was about quitting. Permanentlyl.
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  • Posted by Scot 7 years, 5 months ago
    I'm tired of ignorant trash from folks who want to quote effective % of income tax paid. So Romney only paid 5 million dollars or whatever in taxes, Boo hoo. Hello??? that is way more than most folks gross in their lives. Be happy he did. Do not scorn those who earn a lot. If you go to the park and sit on a bench, who takes up more space; you or Romney? Fair share is per person. Services per person received by Romney are no more than anyone else gets. The streetlights and roads near his house, the fire trucks, the Army, etc... Don't be lame, and whine when these folks out spend you when paying their taxes, and worse pretend that they should pay more. NO, You should BE more. If all the poor and low tax payers didn't have the rich paying millions, there wouldn't be anyone here TAKING UP THEIR SLACK IN SUPPORTING THIS COUNTRY. I understand that not everyone can be wealthy, and not everyone, wants to try hard for a better life. That does not mean that the rich owe you anything. And without them, your streetlights, roads, Army, fire trucks, schools, etc... none of that would have the funds to run on the money YOU contribute. Thank you to the wealthy who strive to earn huge sums of money, and then pay huge sums of money to the IRS to support this country. And to the freeloading leeches of society, it's time to walk the plank, or get to work.
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    • Posted by Maritimus 7 years, 5 months ago
      Right on! I could not agree more with you.
      If we are individuals with free will, and WE ARE, then each one of us is responsible for our actions and thus for our lives and for our well being. Charity is not an obligation. It is a virtue of some. What you earn does not prevent anybody, more capable, earning even more.
      Progressive taxation is a violation of our Constitution. One day, Americans will wake up and discover that basic truth. I hope before the "progressives" (liberals? socialists? communists?), rigging the government and policies, distroy the country beyond repair. All in pursuit of utopias. Ever heard of a bell curve? It is a property of nature. Just look around!
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  • Posted by BradA 7 years, 5 months ago
    Rick, while well meaning and trying to make a pertinent point, ultimately misses it on the two most important counts.

    First, while the main characters in AS would certainly be considered the 1%, the Strike was for and by any and all men (and women) of ability. The strike would not have been effective if only the 1% of ability had participated. The remaining members of the 99% who also had ability would have been able to keep the engine of the world running. And the strike would have been ineffective. (Think Eddie Willers and all of the train crews abandoning their posts.)

    And second, the point of the Strike was to Stop the Engine of the World. The point was not to just make things uncomfortable for the moochers for a week or two. It was to manifest the idea that the producers are no longer willing to contribute to a society that does not recognize the value of that production. Remove the output of enough producers and the engine of the world stops. That is how you effect change.
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  • Posted by NealS 7 years, 5 months ago
    Exactly the point? I tried to make this point to friends, but my influence is lacking support and understanding these days. Even if people just boycotted going to the theater for one week. Probably could never happen. Perhaps if just Conservatives boycotted everything for one week, just stay home, buy nothing, do nothing. I think we've got to bring this country to it's knees before it will get the picture. How about the local electric company shutting off power for one week? We spent nine days prior to a Christmas without power after a big storm one year. It was hell yet a little fun, candles and cooking on the wood stove. Thank goodness we had gas for hot water and could shower. It made us appreciate electricity a little more too. Let me know, I'm ready to strike.
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    • Posted by iroseland 7 years, 5 months ago
      Boycotts for a week are pretty much meaningless as they simply turn into time shifts. Thats actually not a big deal to folks like Hollywood or the country as a whole.. They know they will get it in the end. To really get any attention paid you would need to go for an entire quarter. At the end of the quarter the financials would come due, that includes now having a direct effect on sales tax. This was how "the strike" was able to work. Outside of Atlantis the strikers still needed to live, but they only lived on what they made in that world, which was limited by the fact that they were working as dishwashers and other very low paying jobs. In the Gulch though they lived a different life which was made even more possible by the fact that they were trading with a totally different ( and valuable ) currency. But, even the gold tat they were trading was only valuable because they made it valuable. The gold is really only a representation of the mind putting it to use.
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      • Posted by plusaf 7 years, 5 months ago
        Well, I've been saying things like that for years, but I've discovered that my voice or ideas don't get into the mainstream for two to five years. But I keep trying.

        Bottom lines for me... First, WE ARE our own '1%'... yeah, us here. And the government policies we hate have been put in place by legislators voted in by ALL THE REST OF THE electorate... rarely us.

        Nothing will change for us or our progeny (or yours... I don't have any) until those 'unwashed masses' get it through their skulls that what they're electing and voting to have implemented are actually HURTING them (the voters.)

        I don't know how to make that happen. I'm not (never have been much of) an 'implementer,' but my track record of observing, analyzing and drawing logical conclusions is damned good.

        Small example: I predicted the bankruptcy of NYC when I saw Mayor John Lindsay (look it up) caving in to EVERY union's strike demands for pay, benefits, pensions, etc. I could see that there was no way for NYC to manage future commitments to outrageous and stupid, selfish demands.

        So, want to help? Brainstorm HOW TO CHANGE the thinking of the majority of the Electorate.

        And agreeing with one another here is NOT how to do it. Figuring it out and Implementing It Is. Help!
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  • Posted by cseidman 7 years, 5 months ago
    Here's an area where Santelli is a little clueless. Everyone would agree (I hope!) that Elon Musk (Tesla Motors) is a brilliant producer with an exciting idea, and certainly he's a member the 1%. But the Santelli allies in the GOP are doing their best to cut the legs out from under Tesla Motors. The right wing in this country stands for economic and political sclerosis and the status quo. The Automobile Dealers Association can't deal with a real innovator, any more than the State could tolerate Galt's motor. It isn't Obama and the poor that are holding us back!
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  • Posted by bassboat 7 years, 5 months ago
    He calls for I have been saying ever since I read Atlas Shrugged, strike. Money makes DC able to extort money from us. If the producers, i.e., Apple, Exxon, HP, AT&T, Verizon, IBM, Cisco, Ford, Morgan Stanley, etc., etc., etc., would turn off the lights for a month then the moochers might wake up.
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  • Posted by cseidman 7 years, 5 months ago
    I have no problem with the major corporations and their executives making large salaries - if those firms MAKE SOMETHING (steel, oil, energy, banking services, cars.... something!). But Santelli ignores the plain fact that much of the 1% is getting fat by doing nothing but shuffling paper assets from one privileged asshole to the next. THEY are the Wesley Mouches and Mr. Thompsons of our society! The financial rules are fixed and skewed in their favor - they bought the politicians long ago - and they get rich by doing nothing. And we allow the bought-and-paid-for fascist eunuchs like Limbaugh and Beck to set people against the poor and powerless as if THEY were the problem.
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  • Posted by $ ObjectiveAnalyst 7 years, 5 months ago
    Producers need a means of organizing/coordinating a strike. John Galt is not knocking on my door... Santelli could be Galt... I would heed the call. It wouldn't take as long as it did in AS to effect change. The politicos would wet their panties.
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  • Posted by terrycan 7 years, 5 months ago
    Rick Santelli gets it. He recognizes who the producers are.
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      Posted by cseidman 7 years, 5 months ago
      Please! The snot-nose investment bankers who take advantage of the government's lassitude (and it sure as hell wasn't Obama who first caved in to them) with tax breaks and inside information - there's a good chunk of your 1%. And what do they "produce"? Expensive vacations for their families? Yale tuition for their kids? Producing.... what? Shuffling money between accounts among the rest of the 1%.
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  • Posted by $ jbrenner 7 years, 5 months ago
    I'm hoping to run into John Galt at the 5th anniversary at the Brevard (County, FL) Tea Party meeting on Saturday. Maybe he'll announce the strike. It is long overdue.
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    • Posted by $ stargeezer 7 years, 5 months ago
      I went on strike in 2011, three years after BO was elected. Right after I spent a year of being terrorized by the IRS with the final conclusion being that they owed me a little money but due to the expense involved in discovering THEIR error, and the small amount involved, that they were just going to write it off.

      The day I received that letter was the day I locked my doors of a successful business for the last time. The next time I opened them I did so as a striker who was there to convert his assets and to begin a life living the strikers creed. Determined to not earn another dime that could be taxed to fund a government that has grown to be oppressive. A government that once saw "We the people" as it's bosses grow to the point that it sees "we the people" as it's funding source. Where the nations strength is now it's serfs.

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  • Posted by $ Maphesdus 7 years, 5 months ago
    Fun history/language lesson:
    The word "Bolshevik" is derived from the Russian word "bol'shinstvo," which roughly translates as "majority", literally meaning "one of the majority."

    I'll be honest – I used to think that "Bolshevik" was the surname of a particular Russian family which either started the Russian Communist revolution, or was a major proponent of it. But no, apparently "bolshevik" just means the majority of the people. In other words, it was essentially the equivalent of the term "99%" which was used by the Occupy Wall Street Movement here in the United States. When you stop and think about the full implications of that, it's kinda scary...

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    • Posted by $ jlc 7 years, 5 months ago
      Wonderful. Spurred by your entry, I looked it up too - and of course we all know the "Bolshoi" ("Big") Ballet. And the 'vik'/'nik' ending signifies a group of which one is a member.

      A great tidbit of knowledge with which to begin my day. Thanks. (Do not like the implications as much as the etymology.)

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      • Posted by Maritimus 7 years, 5 months ago
        I am sorry, but the impression from these comments is deeply wrong.
        There was a Russian Socialist Democratic Workers Party which held its 2nd Congres in 1903 in London (England). Lenin was a member and present. He proposed changes in the party's policies and organization. The main tennet od his proposal was implementation of "democratic centralism". The delegates split when voting and majority ("bolsheviks") went along with Lenin. The minority ("mensheviks") of course lost and were eventually expelled as social democrats, unworthy of the "true", "revolutionary", "bolshevik" party, "the avanguard of the working class" as they liked to desribe themselves.
        So, it is absolutely preposterous to think that "majority" refers to the majority of the people, let alone 99%. They were a majority of a small group of exiled rebellious troublemakers dreaming communist utopia. There is no chance whatsover that the majority of the Russians would vote for them, even if the czar would allow that vote.
        That "democratic centralism" is just one example of demagogery and obfuscation which enabled later the Central Committee and the Politbiro, headed by the likes of Lenin, Stalin and others to rule the partyand the country and establish the totalitarian and murderous tiranny which they shamelessly called democratic rule.
        Suggested reading: Ayn Rand: "We the living". By the way, it is much better than the film the Italian fascists made on the basis of that book. She lived through the beginning of that hell on earth. I did throught Tito's version in Yugoslavia: first week after taking Belgrade, 20,000 executions. Very democratic.
        The crux of the problem is that majority of the normal folks do not see through the masterful propaganda until it is too late. The "Strike" led by Galt is an allarm. Before armed strorm troopers force you into submission - so you can save the lives of your kids and such.
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