Tax Day Humor

Posted by $ KahnQuest 7 years ago to Entertainment
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Wanted to share a much-needed laugh as we approach the Looter's Holiday. (Pearls Before Swine comic from April 9)

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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 7 years ago
    Yes. This is the time of year I usually think of every time I heard someone say "what should the US do" in response to some event half way around the world.

    My family had a crappy year last year, though, so our accountant gives us "good news". We're eligible for a Roth b/c we had a bad year. Yay, I guess. We sent too much in quarterly estimates too. We could get it back, as if it came from Santa Claus. This year is going to be great, though, so we're said just apply to to 2014 taxes.

    Apr 15 is the time I'm most down on taxes b/c Q1 estimates for state and fed are due on the same day as the the return, which usually means yet another pair of checks, unless we had a crappy year.
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    • Posted by $ 7 years ago
      I hear ya! I run my own service business (in the Rich Dad parlance, I own my job), so I get the same "it's bad news every year" thing. Hope you got a good laugh.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 7 years ago
        Yes. I own my job too. My wife owns a job too and is just transitioning into owning a business.

        I find it frustrating when people say, "I love my refund. When the IRS sends us our check, we're going on vacation and getting a new toy." They really act as if it came from Santa Claus.

        I don't mean this to be political, but I truly think if that if all people, including the working poor who only pay 7.65% SS and no fed or state taxes, received a handful of C-notes every two weeks, and then had to walk a few of them over to the IRS window, we would have a radical reform in taxes. It would esp work if every time they passed a law increasing jail terms or a resolution to stop some evildoer on the other side of the world, worker had to give extra money starting the week they took the decision. We would think really hard when someone says, "so what should US do about Syria/paying for grandma's meds/ recreational drugs/etc." People would immediately hold on to their wallet.
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