CBO: Senate Immigration bill would help economy

Posted by $ erudeen 7 years ago to Government
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"he Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday, at the same time it would bestow legal status on an estimated 8 million immigrants living in the United States unlawfully."

Looters at the gates and the gates have been opened unto them.
SOURCE URL: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/house-committee-takes-tough-immigration-bill

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  • Posted by LetsShrug 7 years ago
    I also love how they say they won't be eligible for food stamps, healthcare or other freebies. Since when does this gov say "no" to anyone on our soil who's hungry or in need of medical care regardless of circumstances????? What a concocted bold face LIE. And that they have to learn English. Who's going to to do the English speaking test and what will the consequences be for NOT learning English?? A free college education and a new car of their choice??
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  • Posted by Rocky_Road 7 years ago
    I have no faith in the CBO, and usually reverse what they say for the truth. They have an agenda to push....

    Didn't they once say that ObamaCare was financially viable?
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