The Papa Possum Kickstarter: Now Live!

Posted by Eudaimonia 6 years, 2 months ago to Books
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As of noon today, the Papa Possum Kickstarter campaign has gone live.

The project: my first book, "Libellus•Primus•Saturarum - First Little Book of Satires" by Papa Possum

If you like the project, then please forward the link through as much social media as possible.

Your comments are welcome.

However, I need a break.
So, I'll be ducking out for pizza and checking in much later on tonight.

Thank you to all the Gulchers who acted as test audience through the sneak previews I posted (Producer side only!)

Your input provided value.

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  • Posted by Herb7734 6 years, 2 months ago
    While the following is a true story, it is not particularly relevant to this discussion. However, it does illustrate what we are up against and does involve possums.
    When I was a freshman in college I was noodling around on a piano in the student lounge when a few guys sat around starting to give me requests. I in turn told them my standard response, "I take requests, but I don't take them seriously." Somehow, the talk got around to hunting possums. (Don't ask me how). One of the guys attested to the fact that possums had sex through the nose. I chimed in that that was impossible. After a little heated discussion I bet the fellow $5 (a small fortune in those days) that I could prove he was wrong and he bet that he was right. We agreed to meet in one week with our proofs. I went to a biology prof. who was kind enough to write and sign a note which explained that possums "did it" the usual way but sometimes face-to-face which is what the nose-guy might have seen. We met on the appointed date and place whereupon I showed him the note. He, on the other hand, had four other guys with him that swore they had seen the possum event as described. An argument ensued and we called it a draw. You can add the moral to the story yourself.
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