Celebrate Human Achievement Hour - Saturday March 29, 2014 8:30pm - 9:30pm local time

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From the Competitive Enterprise Institute website:

"Human Achievement Hour (HAH) is a celebration of individual freedom and appreciation of the achievements and innovations that people have used to improve their lives throughout history. To celebrate Human Achievement Hour, participants need only to spend the hour from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm on March 29 enjoying the benefits of capitalism and human innovation: Gather with friends in the warmth of a heated home, watch television, take a hot shower, drink a beer, call a loved one on the phone, or listen to music.

On Saturday, March 29, 2014, from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm, some people will shut off their lights and spend an hour in darkness as a symbolic vote against global climate change. Observers of Earth Hour want world leaders to “do something” about pollution and energy use. What this means is that they want politicians to use legal mandates and punitive taxes to prevent individuals from freely using resources, hindering our ability to create the solutions and technologies of the future. Instead, the Competitive Enterprise Institute asks you to spend that hour with your lights *on* in celebration of Human Achievement Hour."
SOURCE URL: http://cei.org/hah

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  • Posted by WBD 7 years ago
    I celebrate HAH every year. I do not condone wasting energy but I do condemn Eco Extremists for stopping the development of nuclear power for electricity. The plants that could be built now would be much safer than any before but they're not being built. Coal plants can be made clean but "The New Left" doesn't want clean coal they just want to shut them down to put us into energy poverty. Poor people are easier to control.
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    • Posted by CircuitGuy 7 years ago
      There is no conspiracy to make people poor on purpose.

      Nuclear power is scary for reasons separate from extremism. The more facts people get, though, the less scary it seems.

      I'm not knowledgeable about clean coal, but I thought it was a lie. I thought burning coal produces more carbon per unit energy, and there's no way to capture the carbon. I could be wrong about that.

      I have heard the claim that construction and maintenance of a nuclear plant produces more carbon output than the gas-fired plants they replace, BUT this claim does not ring true to me. I have not head the science behind it.
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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 7 years ago
    We can have the "benefits of capitalism and human innovation" and still protect the environment. I agree completely with keeping the lights on if you need to do something. A few watt-hours isn't going to make a real difference.

    I liked it last year, however, when my entire street went dark. It makes you stop and think about the fact that the way we get our energy today will place a huge cost of future generations unless we find a solution. I'm confident we will.

    There are worst things you could than place a symbolic vote for doing something to address one of the biggest problems of our time.
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    • Posted by Robbie53024 7 years ago
      We already have - it's called nuclear power. Too bad the greenies prevent nuclear power plants from being built.
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      • Posted by CircuitGuy 7 years ago
        It's simplistic to say "greenies" are the reason we don't have more nuclear energy. The average person fears nuclear power. Since nuclear bombs came before nuclear power, people wrongly thing nuclear power plants are similar to bombs but kept from going off all at once.

        I believe nuclear power will become more common as oil gets more expensive. I don't know when that will be. I don't know whether it will solve the problem of CO2 b/c I think people will find a some vehicle to store and transport the energy in a way that may not be carbon neutral. In general, though, I'm optimistic.
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    • Posted by Lucky 7 years ago
      Carbon dioxide is a harmless substance.
      If there were much more of it in the atmosphere it would be beneficial.

      A major problem of our time is the promotion of anti scientific and anti human propaganda about climate change. Vast sums of money are spent by governments and given to scare mongers. It is made possible by the near monopoly on science spending by government producing a State Science Institute effect.
      Scientists love easy money (who doesn't?), governments love excuses to raise more taxes.
      A major new religion is rapidly gaining adherents- it uses the cover of altruism to benefit a small class of con-artists.

      To show defiance put on extra lights this Saturday.
      To show subservience to the new religion turn off your lights,
      take a look at satellite photos of North Korea at night.
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      • Posted by Lucky 7 years ago
        Climate change due to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not a problem. The so-called science is bogus, evidence is fabricated, the theory is shonky.
        The use of fossil fuels is not a problem.

        But there is a problem- it is scare mongering -the threat of heat, cold, flood, drought, disease, species extinction, and human starvation. In fact some of these threats could eventuate if fossil fuel use is cut, but a reduction in human population is what the alarmist green movement want.
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