Who is voting for Paris Hilton for President?

Posted by Kittyhawk 6 years, 5 months ago to Politics
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The support for Donald Trump, especially here in the Gulch, baffles me. I find him to be unprincipled and untrustworthy. The reason typically given for supporting him is that he is a competent and successful businessman. I thought the linked piece was both informative and entertaining in comparing Trump's business acumen and success with Paris Hilton's.
SOURCE URL: https://www.quora.com/Is-Donald-Trump-a-business-genius/answer/Kevin-Flint?srid=ihsP&share=b9042656

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  • Posted by $ WilliamShipley 6 years, 5 months ago
    She actually had done quite well, so she probably really does have a lot of business acumen -- or has managed to pick a real good manager and paid attention.

    Clinton, on the other hand, has made her money selling the influence of her office to all comers, but somehow millions think that makes her qualified to be President. Of course she's a woman, but then so is Paris Hilton so you may be on to something.

    I actually like the idea of people who know how to make a billion dollars -- all the other candidates know is how to spend it, with the possible exception of Fiorina.
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  • Posted by freedomforall 6 years, 5 months ago
    Answer: People who have not earned the right to vote.
    Agree completely with your comments about Trump's principles and ethics, Kittyhawk.

    How about Paris Hilton as Mida Mulligan instead?
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  • Posted by 1musictime 6 years, 5 months ago
    A number may. A number may believe it's liking voting a hotel to be president. She gets a description of good with a female friend to her on a television program.She's not afraid, it looks, to work what separate people may believe demeaning.A number may like to stare daily at a president with her looks.It good the deeds are equally captivating.
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