Cardinal joins cast of Atlas Shrugged

Posted by ewv 8 years, 6 months ago to Humor
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Interjected into a "message" of rambling mysticism from Cardinal O'Malley of Boston is this pronouncement on what it calls the "poison" of individualism interfering with the religious utopia of global collectivism and other worldliness:

"The Ayn Rand extreme individualism of our culture is poison, whose antidote is community and solidarity. Christmas joy is about discovering and building solidarity with our families, with our community, with the human beings on the planet, and with our creator.”

Recording @00:02:34

The excerpt was emphasized by a "Young Catholics - Ancient Faith" organization

They know who they have to attack. The organization consists of far left progressives and Democrats preaching "global common good". One of them advertises that she "wanders around this world looking for God", most recently having landed in Washington DC:

The shriveled monk himself, posing in a beanie and poisoning food at a homeless shelter while trying out for the part of a street corner mystic in the Atlas Shrugged mini-series:

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