Sign of the Dollar Bookends for sale

Posted by terrycan 8 years ago to Classifieds: For Sale
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These bookends are a fine way to display your Objectivist books and media. They are handmade in my shop.

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  • Posted by $ winterwind 8 years ago
    I like them very much, but not the copper color. How small a run can you make, and does the price change with different finishes?
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    • Posted by 8 years ago
      Thank you for asking. I can make one at time. The problem is the powder coat process. Powder Vision has a minimal charge of $90. If they spray 1 or 10 they charge me $90. What color did you have in mind?

      Another option would be a sand blast finish and paint the surface with vegatable oil. The oil seals the surface and prevents rust. I did that with some cast iron bookends 25 years ago. They are still rust free. Would you like to order a set that way?
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  • Posted by khalling 8 years ago
    NIce! What are they made of terrycan? can you tell us more about how they were designed and the materials involved? thanks
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    • Posted by 8 years ago
      What is really nice about these bookends is how heavy they are. Many bookends are too light and slipery. The nonskid tape on the bottom works well. Shipping weight is 7.2 pounds a set.

      The crane rail is steel rail for an industrial crane. I bought 6 feet from a scrap yard. Tried to buy full size railroad rail but no one wanted to sell such a small quanity. The bookends measure 3.5"X3.5"X3.5".
      The Sign of the Dollar is my design and was drawn on CAD/CAM system. The symbol was cut on a CNC mill in my home shop.
      Considered copper plating for the finish. That would be prone to corrosion. The powder coat is harder than paint and will not corrode.
      This is the first run. I have 4 sets ready to ship to today. "Are you ready?"
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