Aeneas: Another New World Nursery Rhyme from Papa Possum.

Posted by Eudaimonia 7 years, 7 months ago to Politics
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A new work from Papa Possum.
This one was a labor of love.

Enjoy, or not.


“Arma virumque cano...
(Of armaments and a man I sing...)”
- Virgil, The Aeneid, Book I, Line 1

Liberty, sing us your Anthem, that Melody almost forgotten.
Sing of the Morning returning, how night will yet flee from Its flashes.
Sing of the Victory over our ruling class royal and rotten.
Sing of such tyranny toppled, our Freedom retrieved from its ashes.

Liberty, sing of Aeneas forsaken and flung from his city:
elders naïve and dismissive refused to court any misgiving,
welcomed their enemies enter who slaughtered and burned with no pity,
leaving Aeneas to scramble and scarcely to lead out the living.

Thus, for a ruling class folly, lose Trojans their Freedom to violence:
fugitive, sea-lost, and shipwrecked when forced to survive and haul anchor.
Likewise, our elders make folly and court all misgivings as silence;
welcome in doom as a trophy, yet marxism's envy and rancor.

Fie on such ruling class sophists! And fie on such democrat driven!
Fie on such ivy league marxists! And fie on such wicked king soros!
Dragging such horse to our city, they loose their plan cloward and piven.
Thinking we'd sleep in surrender, they dare tread upon Ouroboros.

Liberty, sing of Aeneas and sing of the city he founded:
Freedom for war-weary Trojans, yes, Freedom for all those forsaken.
We of the Gadsden Flag waving, our Fate in Aeneas is grounded.
Listen as Liberty sings us that Melody never mistaken.

Hardships 'ppear pleasant with passing; there's Home yet where Freedom will ring.
Morn on horizon will break yet, just listen to Liberty sing!

Aeneas, Copyright © 2014 Papa Possum

Hear the audio stream here:

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  • Posted by khalling 7 years, 7 months ago
    what I love about this poem is that it is telling a story, it's suspenseful. It starts with a good ending from an historical point in time which is inspirational. as with any good suspense we are all in our safety cocoon before stuff happens, then, stealth while everyone's guard is down, TSHTF, hero is prepared, saves the day, reminds the reader they may be in a safety cocoon, encourages them to act-ends inspirationally that anyone can be a hero and save the day.
    needs to also be a screenplay...
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    • Posted by 7 years, 7 months ago
      That is high praise, K, thank you.

      As I was writing this piece, I was also refamiliarizing myself with Virgil's story of Aeneas.
      If you read a translation of The Aeneid with wikipedia at the ready and look up all of those obscure names Virgil mentions and who they were in Roman Mythos, then, yes, it is a *very* suspenseful story.
      I also found myself wondering why no movie studio has taken a crack at it.
      Probably because they have yet to figure out how to weave a Marxist, pro-Obama message into the story.
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  • Posted by 7 years, 7 months ago
    I should mention, if any of you would like to leave a comment on or social-media-share the piece at the Papa Possum blog, then please do.

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  • Posted by $ puzzlelady 6 years, 8 months ago
    Wow. Beyond awesome. Heroic verse brilliantly constructed, a message profound and passionate. An alliterative masterpiece, a wellspring of hope, an anthem for our unconquerable sense of right, an antidote to a cannibalistic doctrine that would consume our civilization from within. Thank you, Papa Possum!
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  • Posted by $ MichaelAarethun 6 years, 8 months ago
    ... I thought to build a a new memorial, one with meaning and truth. While scribbling a reporter asked if I was writing a new composition.

    "No planning a memorial to cannon fodder. A statue of one soldier standing in a field surrounded by the fallen, Gazing, no fixedly staring across the Potomac at the nations capitol. The inscription will be:

    "The fat lady has yet to sing.
    Gold Medal yet to be won.
    There's still one battle left to fight,
    By grandfathers, fathers, and sons."

    It appeared a few days later attributed to ''Remains Anonymous'' One older commentator on the evening news was asked by a younger colleague what the words meant?

    "The Dogs Of War have come home. This time to win. Let the earth tremble. ."

    “It sounds like a declaration of war,” the first objected.

    “No. It's a declaration to finish one started a long time ago. The parting comment was ''I must teach them that ballots are bullets while that form of ammunition is still legal.”
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