[Best Of: Economics] A startlingly clear description of why "Eco-Movements" of today are stupid.

Posted by plusaf 7 years, 11 months ago to The Gulch: Best of
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Yes, it would be swell if the Greens could prevent the 'grow-to-the-sky' future of energy consumption, world population, pollution and Everything Else...

What they're missing is that the same people demanding those changes would also and at the same time, fight against anyone, anywhere, suffering a job loss or any economic hardship as a result of those policies!

I could try to imagine a 'future' where companies and individuals figure out how to be safe and happy without targeting 5-50% annual growth rates for their salaries or shipments.

Could anyone imagine a course like that in B-School?
Me, neither.
The key elements of such a discussion are in the post I marked as 'best of.' Thanks!
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