Don't tell me I shouldn't worry.

Posted by Zero 6 years, 6 months ago to News
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I'm done with tech-savvy fools who smile indulgently and tell me there's nothing to worry about.

They say it only reads all your emails to know the words you use.
It only listens to everything you say to learn your speech patterns.
It only sends all that information back to a huge central database to help them better serve you.
It just makes it work better, makes it easier to use and gives you better ads you'll actually care about.

As if it will always be so!

They remind me of people who enthusiastically give their president sweeping, unconstitutional, powers, oblivious that their side will not always be in control.

But the techies are stupider.
At least politicos know it's about power, but to the trusting technophile I'M an ignorant Luddite to demand my Right to Privacy.

I can't believe I have to ARGUE for it.
I REALLY can't believe how MANY people DISAGREE!

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