Missile Test Terrorism Over Los Angeles

Posted by gaiagal 8 years, 3 months ago to News
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.No one seems to be mentioning this. I find it hard to fathom that this is a non-event to the media. I really have no idea what category to place this in.
SOURCE URL: https://antiwar.liberty.me/missile-test-terrorism-over-los-angeles/

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  • Posted by broskjold22 8 years, 3 months ago
    This is not terrorism. It's an ICBM. If we didn't have these, there wouldn't be an us. If we didn't have these, then you would see terrorism. The article claims that we are supposed to get scared into being sheep. Anyone who claims such a thing must believe the missile is intended for the citizens, which it is not. It is intended to defeat enemies. Like a nuclear aircraft carrier or a good soldier with a weapon. It should give you confidence, not terror.
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    • Posted by 8 years, 3 months ago
      The written word can often be misunderstood so please let me say from the outset that nothing in this reply is meant facetiously or in a wise-cracking manner. It is good (and reassuring) to hear from someone who is aware of weapons such as these. I agree with the fact that if we didn't have these there wouldn't be an us. I find the manner in which it was deployed to be curious.

      Having no familiarity with weapons or anything military, I would not have had the background to look up and say: "That's an ICBM. The Government must have set it off but couldn't notify us first for reasons of national safety.

      I imagine I would be terrified to see such a sight. Fear mongering appears to be a popular pastime of the media. "We live in dangerous times" seems to have replaced "Have a great day." Having no weapons or military knowledge, I would have no idea what that object was nor who set it off (even taking the trajectory into consideration.) We are now encouraged to report on anything suspicious. We are being trained to look at anything (and anyone) as suspicious.

      For those reasons I don't think anyone who claims that this was set off to terrify people must believe it was intended for citizens.

      I don't necessarily think it was set off to terrify citizens but the lack of notice displayed a definite insensitivity on the part of our government.

      If it was meant as a surprise for another country...why wasn't it sent from out at sea where the citizens wouldn't be frightened by it?

      Or maybe it still would have caused a frightening, unexplained explosion that could still be viewed from land.

      These are the types of concerns people, who are not familiar with the military, and military weapons, have - especially given today's atmosphere where everyone is treated as suspicious.
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