Why shouldn't we go back to the way we started?

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During our first decades as a nation, legislators were not career politicians...they were farmers, merchants, etc. and their efforts at the nation's Capitol were truly service. They went to the seat of government when the crops were in the barn, took care of the country's business over the winter, then got back home in time for spring planting. Therefore, they were at government work for, call it 125 days or so. Now, according to this article, the Congress will be in session during 2016 for a total of 111 days. To any rational employer and employee, that's part time. So why can't we treat these pogues as part time help? No health benefits, no 'travel expenses', no vacation pay, noting. Clearly it's not necessary for them to be paid full time when by THEIR OWN SCHEDULING, they are part time help. (Please forgive my fast and loose use of the word 'help')
SOURCE URL: http://www.politico.com/blogs/the-gavel/2015/11/house-2016-schedule-215476

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