The Civil War Within the GOP

Posted by MarkHunter 5 years, 5 months ago to Politics
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In “The Civil War Within the GOP” Edward Hudgins writes:
The GOP is in long-term demographic decline. In 2004, some 44% of Hispanic-American citizens voted for George W. Bush, while in 2012 only 27% went for Romney. Hispanic citizens, who accounted for 17% of the population when Romney ran, will represent at least 30% by 2050.

He could have noted too that in 2012 Asian-American citizens, as a percent of them voting, voted even more for Obama than Hispanics did. And African-Americans even more than Asians.

And he could have noted that as a percent of the U.S. population these two groups, like Hispanics, are increasing.

Will Hudgins, like me, be called a racist for pointing out these demographic facts and their logical consequence?

By the way, Peter Brimelow and Edward Rubenstein wrote an essay back in 1997 entitled “Electing a New People” along similar lines:
It begins “Demography is destiny in American politics.”

Getting back to Hudgins, the same man in the same article concludes that the best strategy for the GOP is to “unite behind a consistent freedom agenda.” Yes, and at the same time the GOP must do what Trump is doing and address the problem with which Hudgins started his article.

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  • Posted by DrEdwardHudgins 5 years, 4 months ago
    I could have noted a lot of things if this weren't a short piece. I have a book where i note a whole lot more and many speeches that do the same. And I've written a lot of pieces on immigration any related issues. Happy to send links to all or look them up on the Atlas Society website.
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    Posted by Zenphamy 5 years, 5 months ago
    There is absolutely no comparison between Hudgins and yourself. Statistics are what they are regardless of your ideology. But the context within which one uses them and the inferences attempted to be drawn by racists, xenophobes, and supremacists are telling, particularly those that want to use the power and force of the government against other men.

    The irrational reasoning expressed in this post is an excellent example of the same arguments we've heard for ages past to justify some of the most horrific atrocities of mankind. It's as well as opposite to a freedom agenda as one could imagine.
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    • Posted by 5 years, 5 months ago
      Hudgins, despite knowing all about the Republican Party’s demographic decline, advocates open immigration. We are polar opposites on that subject.

      Zenphamy slings the usual Leftist slurs. Yours truly is a racist, a xylophone, a white supremacist — yawn. I’m used to it, like Paul Weston in the UK:

      ... That’s zenophobe, you moron.

      Thanks Froggy. I knew xylophone didn’t sound quite right. Zenphamy’s reasoning goes like this:

      • Third World immigrants vote 80% socialist.
      • The percent of such immigrants is increasing.
      • What to do about the rise of socialism? Let in more such immigrants! It’s the freedom agenda!

      Even though, I maintain, a foreigner has no right, none at all, to come here.

      If the new immigration is not stopped soon an extreme socialist party – call it Nazi or Bolshevik – will eventually take over by pandering to immigrants with historic grievances. I like my freedom agenda better than Zenphamy’s.

      Speaking of horrific atrocities, the Boston Massacre was a horrific atrocity. The Woolwich killing in England was a horrific atrocity. Google "immigrant mass murder" for more of them:

      Zenphamy might explain to us how we get horrific atrocities from simply withholding residency and citizenship from Haitians, Guatemalans, Vietnamese, etc.
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