Understanding Power and the Power of Reason

Posted by marshafamilaroenright 8 years, 2 months ago to Philosophy
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Don't miss out on our powerful weekend. Among the many aspects of "power" we'll examine:

Delve deeply into "Types of Power" by Goldhammer and Shils to reveal the multiple variations of social power that influence our world.
Experience the psychological power of art through our examination of sculpture and architecture.
Bolster your understanding of the Constitution through our dialogue on Federalist 51, on the Separation of Powers.

You will come away from our weekend, armed to understand and navigate social relationships, craft a better world for yourself through art, and fight against the erosion of our freedoms.
SOURCE URL: http://rifinst.org/register-for-our-seminar-now-understanding-power-and-the-power-of-reason/

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